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How to pronounce saturated (audio)

Dictionary definition of saturated

Filled or soaked to its maximum capacity.
"After the heavy rain, the ground became saturated with water."

Detailed meaning of saturated

It implies that no more can be absorbed or contained, as the item or substance is already at its full or complete saturation point. 'Saturated' can be used in various contexts, such as in chemistry, where it refers to a solution in which no more solute can be dissolved. In the field of color, 'saturated' indicates that a hue is intense, vibrant, and at its highest purity, without any added white, black, or gray. In the context of moisture or water, 'saturated' suggests that something is thoroughly wet, completely drenched, or unable to hold any more liquid. Furthermore, 'saturated' can be used figuratively to describe a situation or condition where there is an excessive or overwhelming amount of something, such as saturated with information or saturated with noise. Overall, the adjective 'saturated' signifies fullness, completeness, or maximum capacity in different contexts and applications.

Example sentences containing saturated

1. The saturated colors of the sunset painted the sky in hues of red, orange, and purple.
2. The sponge was completely saturated with soap, ready for cleaning.
3. The market was saturated with similar products, making it difficult for new brands to stand out.
4. She felt saturated with information after studying for hours.
5. The air conditioner struggled to cool the room in the saturated humidity of the summer.
6. The photographer captured the beauty of the flower's saturated petals.

History and etymology of saturated

The adjective 'saturated' owes its etymology to the Latin word 'saturatus,' which is the past participle of 'saturare.' In Latin, 'saturare' means 'to fill to the full' or 'to saturate.' This notion of reaching maximum capacity or being completely filled is at the heart of the word's meaning. When something is described as 'saturated,' it implies that it has absorbed or taken in as much as it can hold, leaving no room for additional absorption or soaking. This etymology underscores the idea of fullness and completeness, highlighting the state of being entirely filled or soaked to its maximum capacity.

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Further usage examples of saturated

1. The cake was rich and moist, with a saturated chocolate flavor.
2. The saturated sound system created an immersive experience at the concert.
3. The river overflowed its banks, leaving the surrounding land saturated with water.
4. Her saturated schedule left little time for relaxation or personal pursuits.
5. The painter used layers of saturated paint to create a bold and vibrant artwork.
6. The sponge was saturated with water and couldn't absorb any more.
7. The market was saturated with similar products, making it hard to stand out.
8. The colors in the painting were so saturated that they practically glowed.
9. The air was saturated with humidity, making it uncomfortable outside.
10. Her schedule was so saturated with meetings that she had no free time.
11. The soil in the garden was saturated after the heavy rainfall.
12. The advertising campaign saturated social media to reach a wide audience.
13. The towel was completely saturated after wiping up the spill.
14. The market for vintage records was already saturated with collectors.
15. The room was saturated with the aroma of freshly baked bread.
16. His speech was saturated with jargon that was hard for the audience to follow.
17. The media coverage of the event saturated the news for days.
18. The sponge cake was saturated with syrup to enhance its flavor.
19. The clothing store was saturated with shoppers during the sale.
20. The market for smartphones is already saturated, with many brands competing.
21. The beach was saturated with tourists during the summer season.
22. The market for luxury watches is saturated with high-end brands.
23. The book market is saturated with self-help titles.
24. The fabric was saturated with dye to achieve its vibrant color.
25. The city's transportation system is saturated with traffic during rush hours.



soaked, dry, arid, parched


High School 18, SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 7

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