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How to pronounce scabrous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scabrous

Rough, harsh, or marked by coarseness, either in a literal or figurative sense.
"The professor's scabrous comments about his students were reported to the university."

Detailed meaning of scabrous

When something is referred to as 'scabrous,' it often implies that it is characterized by rough or abrasive qualities, whether it's a texture, language, topic, or content. In a literal sense, 'scabrous' can describe a rough or uneven surface, while in a figurative sense, it is used to characterize language or subject matter that is blunt, harsh, or potentially offensive. This term emphasizes the presence of difficult or challenging elements, often intended to provoke thought, debate, or reaction. 'Scabrous' is often used in contexts where directness or bluntness is required to convey a certain message or where a subject matter may be considered sensitive or controversial.

Example sentences containing scabrous

1. The internet forum was filled with scabrous insults and hate speech.
2. The book contained scabrous details about the scandalous affair.
3. The scabrous surface of the rock made it difficult to climb.
4. The politician's scabrous remarks caused outrage.
5. The comedian's scabrous jokes were considered inappropriate.
6. The journalist's scabrous exposé revealed corruption within the government.

History and etymology of scabrous

The adjective 'scabrous' has an etymology that leads us to Latin. It originates from the Latin word 'scaber,' which means 'rough' or 'coarse.' In its original Latin form, 'scabrosus,' it described things that had a rough or harsh texture. Over time, 'scabrous' evolved to encompass not only the literal sense of roughness but also a figurative sense of coarseness, often describing something that is marked by harshness or difficulty, either in language or behavior. The etymology of 'scabrous' underscores its historical connection to the idea of roughness and coarseness, whether in a physical or metaphorical sense, highlighting its application to things that possess a challenging or abrasive quality.

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Further usage examples of scabrous

1. The movie's scabrous scenes were controversial.
2. The artist's scabrous paintings were considered provocative.
3. The writer's scabrous novel was banned in some countries.
4. The website was criticized for its scabrous content.
5. The gossip columnist was known for her scabrous stories about celebrities.
6. The scabrous texture of the rock made it difficult to grip.
7. She found his comment scabrous and inappropriate.
8. The old wall had a scabrous surface covered in moss.
9. His humor had a scabrous edge that not everyone appreciated.
10. The tree bark was scabrous and rough to the touch.
11. She hesitated to touch the scabrous fabric of the ancient blanket.
12. I noticed the scabrous patches on the stray dog's skin.
13. Some critics found the artist's work to be scabrous and controversial.
14. The old man's scabrous hands spoke of a lifetime of hard work.
15. Despite the fruit's scabrous exterior, it tasted sweet and juicy inside.



rough, smooth, polished, refined


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