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How to pronounce scaffold (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scaffold

To provide support or guidance to someone in order to help them achieve a goal or complete a task.
"The coach used drills and exercises to scaffold the athlete's training regime."

Detailed meaning of scaffold

When someone is scaffolded, they are provided with a framework or structure that helps them learn, grow, or perform a task. This process often involves breaking down a larger task into smaller, more manageable steps, and providing guidance or support along the way. The term "scaffold" can be used in a wide range of contexts, from education to construction to software development. For example, a teacher might scaffold a lesson by providing step-by-step instructions and support materials to help students learn a complex topic. Alternatively, a software developer might scaffold a project by providing pre-built code or templates to help other developers get started on a new project. Overall, the term "scaffold" refers to the process of providing support and guidance to someone in order to help them achieve a goal or complete a task.

Example sentences containing scaffold

1. I will scaffold your efforts to complete the project successfully.
2. Teachers scaffold students in their journey of discovery and learning.
3. As a mentor, it is important for me to scaffold your learning process.
4. The role of a supervisor is to scaffold the work of the team.
5. We must scaffold the kids during their formative years.
6. In the journey to fluency, language tutors scaffold learners.

History and etymology of scaffold

The verb 'scaffold' has an etymology deeply rooted in construction and support structures. It originates from the Middle French word 'escaffaut,' which refers to a temporary platform or structure erected to aid in construction or reach elevated areas. This term has its roots in the Latin word 'scamnum,' which means 'bench' or 'stool.' Over time, the term 'scaffold' extended beyond the realm of construction to metaphorically describe providing support or guidance to someone in order to help them achieve a goal or complete a task. When you 'scaffold' someone's learning or development, you are creating a structured support system to assist them in their progress, much like a scaffold provides support for construction. Thus, the etymology of 'scaffold' underscores its historical connection to the concept of providing structured support to facilitate growth and achievement.

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Further usage examples of scaffold

1. Parents scaffold children as they learn to navigate the world.
2. They scaffold their peers in order to finish the task efficiently.
3. Coaches scaffold athletes to maximize their potential.
4. We are here to scaffold your personal and professional growth.
5. The manager's job is to scaffold his team to meet their targets.
6. Let me scaffold your endeavor in achieving this complex task.
7. Therapists scaffold their patients towards mental wellbeing.
8. Leaders scaffold their followers towards common goals.
9. The community will scaffold your endeavors in maintaining the neighborhood garden.
10. The purpose of my job is to scaffold you in becoming a better programmer.
11. Tutors scaffold students in their academic journey.
12. Your mentor will scaffold your efforts towards better understanding of the concept.
13. It's essential for a trainer to scaffold the trainee's learning process.
14. As an instructor, I will scaffold your practice in martial arts.



support, hinder, obstruct, impede


Aid and Assistance, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Intrigue and Advocacy

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