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How to pronounce seduce (audio)


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Dictionary definition of seduce

To entice or persuade someone to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship.
"The exotic dancer's sultry moves were meant to seduce her audience."

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Detailed meaning of seduce

It involves using one's charm, wit, or physical attractiveness to tempt someone into being intimate or romantic. This can be done through various means, such as flirting, complimenting, or using suggestive language or behavior. However, it is important to note that seduction can be manipulative and non-consensual if the person being seduced is not interested or does not give clear and enthusiastic consent. Therefore, it is essential to respect boundaries and obtain clear consent before engaging in any type of romantic or sexual behavior.

Example sentences containing seduce

1. He used his charm to seduce her into a passionate affair.
2. The sultry music and dim lights seemed designed to seduce.
3. Her smile had the power to seduce anyone who crossed her path.
4. The mystery of the stranger's eyes threatened to seduce him.
5. She had a magnetic personality that could easily seduce hearts.
6. The art of seduction is more about subtlety than boldness.

History and etymology of seduce

The verb 'seduce' has its origins in Latin, stemming from the word 'seducere,' which is a combination of 'se,' meaning 'aside,' and 'ducere,' meaning 'to lead.' In essence, 'seducere' originally meant 'to lead aside' or 'to lead astray.' Over time, the term took on a more specific and often amorous connotation, referring to the act of enticing or persuading someone to engage in a romantic or sexual relationship. The etymology of 'seduce' reflects the idea of leading someone away from their usual path or principles, often into the realm of intimate attraction or temptation.

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Further usage examples of seduce

1. His words were carefully chosen to seduce her mind and heart.
2. The forbidden romance began when he attempted to seduce her.
3. The perfume's alluring scent seemed to seduce everyone around her.
4. The enchanting setting had a way of seducing couples into love.
5. The actress knew how to seduce the camera with her presence.
6. He tried to seduce her with lavish gifts and sweet nothings.
7. The elegant dance moves had the power to seduce even the toughest critics.
8. His eyes held a hypnotic quality that could seduce anyone.
9. She used her intelligence and wit to seduce him intellectually.
10. The charming stranger had a way of seducing people with his stories.
11. The romantic ambiance was meant to seduce lovers into a dreamy state.
12. The singer's voice had the ability to seduce even the coldest hearts.
13. Her seductive smile left him powerless to resist her advances.
14. He couldn't deny that her laughter had the power to seduce him.
15. He tried to seduce her with expensive gifts and romantic gestures.
16. She used her intelligence and wit to seduce him during their first date.
17. The con artist tried to seduce the wealthy businessman into investing in his fraudulent scheme.
18. The perfume advertisement featured a woman trying to seduce a man with her scent.
19. He was easily seduced by her captivating beauty and alluring personality.
20. The smooth-talking salesman tried to seduce the customer into buying his product.
21. She had no interest in being seduced by his empty promises and superficial charm.
22. The villainous character used his powers of seduction to manipulate and control his victims.
23. The seductive voice on the phone persuaded him to give out his personal information.
24. The romantic setting was designed to seduce the couple into falling in love with each other.
25. The forbidden fruit was too tempting to resist and seduced him into breaking the rules.



allure, repel, deter, dissuade


Attraction and Allure, Seduction and Allure, Love and Sex

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