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How to pronounce sedulous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sedulous

Diligent, hardworking, and consistently attentive to one's tasks or responsibilities.
"The sedulous writer spent countless hours perfecting her manuscript."

Detailed meaning of sedulous

When a person is described as sedulous, it implies that they approach their work with a high degree of dedication and careful attention to detail. Sedulous individuals are known for their conscientiousness and persistence in achieving their goals, often demonstrating a strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to their duties. This term emphasizes qualities such as thoroughness, diligence, and a focused and diligent work ethic. Sedulous efforts are marked by a disciplined and determined approach, making it a valuable attribute in various fields and endeavors where precision and dedication are essential.

Example sentences containing sedulous

1. She was sedulous in her efforts to learn the new language.
2. His sedulous attention to detail earned him a promotion at work.
3. The sedulous students stayed after class to better understand the material.
4. The sedulous research team finally made a breakthrough in their work.
5. He took a sedulous approach to the project, ensuring every detail was perfect.
6. Her sedulous attitude towards her studies led her to top the class.

History and etymology of sedulous

The adjective 'sedulous' traces its roots to the Latin word 'sedulus,' which means 'diligent' or 'careful.' In Latin, 'sedulus' is derived from 'sedeo,' meaning 'I sit,' which conveys the idea of someone who is consistently seated or engaged in their tasks, implying a diligent and unwavering commitment to their responsibilities. Over time, this Latin term evolved into 'sedulous' in English, maintaining its core meaning of being diligent, hardworking, and consistently attentive to one's duties or tasks. The etymology of 'sedulous' underscores the quality of steadfast dedication and careful attention that characterizes a person who is described as 'sedulous.'

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Further usage examples of sedulous

1. His recovery was slow but he was sedulous in his physiotherapy sessions.
2. A sedulous worker, she often stayed late to finish her tasks.
3. They were sedulous in their pursuit of justice for the victims.
4. Despite the challenges, he remained sedulous and ultimately achieved his goals.
5. The team was sedulous in its preparation for the championship game.
6. His sedulous practice made him the best pianist in the school.
7. The sedulous gardener ensured that the plants were well-cared for all year round.
8. Their sedulous efforts to restore the historical building were appreciated by the community.
9. A sedulous planner, she had every detail of the trip worked out.
10. He was sedulous in his dedication to preserving the environment.
11. The sedulous journalist spent months investigating the story.
12. Her sedulous nature helped her overcome the hurdles and win the race.
13. The sedulous chef ensured the highest quality of every dish that left his kitchen.
14. He had a sedulous approach to his health, never missing a day of exercise.



diligent, lazy, negligent, indifferent


GRE 10 (Graduate Record Examination), Admiration and Respect, Development and Refinement, Resilience and Resolve, Endeavor and Pursuit, Determination and Tenacity, Discipline and Resolve

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