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How to pronounce sensuous (audio)

Dictionary definition of sensuous

Appealing to the senses, particularly those related to physical pleasure and enjoyment, such as touch, taste, sight, or sound.
"The sensuous touch of the masseuse's hands melted away her stress and tension."

Detailed meaning of sensuous

When we characterize something as sensuous, we emphasize its ability to evoke sensory experiences and heightened sensations. Sensuous experiences or objects are often associated with indulgence and the pursuit of pleasure, such as savoring a delicious meal, appreciating the beauty of art or nature, or luxuriating in a soft and tactile texture. This term conveys a sense of richness and sensory delight, suggesting that the subject has the power to arouse or heighten the physical senses, leading to an experience of sensual pleasure and gratification. "Sensuous" is frequently used to describe things that are aesthetically pleasing and evoke a deep appreciation for the sensory aspects of life.

Example sentences containing sensuous

1. Her sensuous voice echoed through the grand theater, captivating everyone.
2. The sensuous texture of the silk dress against my skin made me feel luxurious.
3. His paintings are often filled with sensuous colors and evocative forms.
4. She moved in a sensuous manner, making the dance look enchanting.
5. The scent of the garden was a sensuous mix of roses and lavender.
6. The meal was a sensuous delight, each bite more delicious than the last.

History and etymology of sensuous

The adjective 'sensuous' draws its etymology from the Latin word 'sensuus,' which is derived from 'sensus,' meaning 'perception' or 'feeling.' 'Sensus' is closely related to the verb 'sentire,' which means 'to feel' or 'to perceive.' This Latin root emphasizes the idea of sensory perception and the ability to feel or experience through the senses. Over time, 'sensuous' evolved in English to describe things that appeal to the senses, particularly those related to physical pleasure and enjoyment, such as touch, taste, sight, or sound. Its etymology underscores its role in evoking sensory experiences and the pleasures associated with them, making it a word that vividly conveys the idea of indulging in the richness of sensory perception.

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Further usage examples of sensuous

1. Her sensuous lips curved into a mesmerizing smile.
2. The sensuous sounds of the orchestra filled the concert hall.
3. With its soft lights and plush seating, the room had a sensuous appeal.
4. His poetry is filled with sensuous imagery, transporting the reader to otherworldly realms.
5. The chocolate dessert had a rich, sensuous texture that melted in our mouths.
6. The sensuous rhythm of the jazz music moved us to dance.
7. Her sensuous perfume lingered in the room long after she had gone.
8. The sensuous touch of the warm sun on my skin was comforting.
9. The ballet was a sensuous blend of grace and power.
10. The fabric of the couch had a sensuous softness, inviting relaxation.
11. His portrait photography was praised for its sensuous use of light and shadow.
12. The sensuous glow of the evening sunset painted the sky in vibrant hues.
13. The sensuous curves of the sculpture brought the marble to life.
14. The massage was a sensuous experience, leaving me in a state of complete relaxation.



voluptuous, unappealing, ascetic, plain


Attraction and Allure, Seduction and Allure, Enjoyment and Indulgence, Emotions and Serendipity

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