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Dictionary definition of sinecure

A position within an organization that involves minimal or symbolic duties, often yielding disproportionate payment to the effort required.
"The well-connected politician secured a lucrative sinecure for himself."

Detailed meaning of sinecure

It is often used to describe a job that is given as a form of reward or patronage, rather than based on merit or qualifications. A sinecure can also refer to a form of financial support or income that is provided without the recipient being required to do any work in return. Sinecures are often seen as a way for people in positions of power to provide for their friends or supporters, and are sometimes criticized as a form of corruption or abuse of power.

Example sentences containing sinecure

1. He was appointed to a comfortable sinecure within the government, enjoying a cushy job with minimal responsibilities.
2. The sinecure provided a comfortable income with little work required.
3. Many criticized the wealthy businessman for using his influence to obtain a sinecure position.
4. The sinecure provided him with a handsome salary and plenty of leisure time.
5. She envied her friend's sinecure, as it seemed like the perfect job with no real demands.
6. The sinecure allowed him to maintain a high social status without exerting much effort.

History and etymology of sinecure

The term 'sinecure' has its roots in Latin, derived from the combination of 'sine' meaning 'without' and 'cura' meaning 'care' or 'responsibility.' It originally referred to an ecclesiastical office or position within the church that carried prestige and financial benefits but required little or no actual work or responsibility. Over time, the term was adopted into English to describe any job or position, whether in the church or secular organizations, that provided a substantial income or benefits with very little or no significant work involved. Sinecures are often seen as symbols of privilege and a way to reward individuals for loyalty or political support without requiring them to fulfill substantial duties or responsibilities.

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Further usage examples of sinecure

1. The position was widely regarded as a sinecure, a mere formality without any meaningful work.
2. Despite having a sinecure, he felt unfulfilled and longed for a more challenging career.
3. The sinecure offered him financial stability, but it lacked intellectual stimulation.
4. Critics argued that the existence of sinecures in government institutions perpetuated corruption.
5. The aristocrat was granted a sinecure in recognition of his family's long-standing influence.
6. The sinecure became a subject of public outrage, as it highlighted the unfair distribution of opportunities.
7. He regarded the sinecure as a temporary refuge until he could find a more purposeful occupation.
8. The sinecure came with a prestigious title, but it carried little substance.
9. The position was essentially a sinecure, allowing him to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without much effort.
10. She questioned the ethics of maintaining a sinecure while others struggled to find employment.
11. The sinecure was seen as a symbol of privilege, further widening the gap between the wealthy and the disadvantaged.
12. The sinecure became a source of resentment among those who aspired to meaningful careers.
13. Despite the criticisms, he remained content with his sinecure, enjoying the perks it provided.
14. The abolition of sinecures was proposed as a way to promote fairness and meritocracy in the job market.

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