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How to pronounce skulk (audio)

Dictionary definition of skulk

To move stealthily or furtively, often with the intention of avoiding detection or attention.
"The thief tried to skulk away unnoticed after stealing the purse."

Detailed meaning of skulk

It implies a sense of suspicious or nefarious behavior, as if the person or animal skulking is up to no good. This action is typically associated with animals or people who are trying to hide or lurk around without being seen. Skulking can also suggest that someone is attempting to avoid responsibility or shirk duties. Overall, the verb 'skulk' connotes a sense of sneaky, evasive behavior.

Example sentences containing skulk

1. If you watch closely, you can see the cat skulk towards the bird.
2. At the party, Jake preferred to skulk in the shadows, avoiding conversation.
3. Wolves often skulk near the edge of the woods, watching for prey.
4. Rather than face his problems, he would rather skulk away.
5. The fox would skulk in the tall grass, ready to pounce.
6. We watched the criminal skulk through the alley, careful not to alert him.

History and etymology of skulk

The verb 'skulk' has its etymological roots in the Scandinavian languages, particularly Old Norse. It is derived from the Old Norse word 'skjúlask,' which means 'to take shelter' or 'to hide.' This term is related to the Old Norse word 'skjól,' which means 'shelter' or 'hiding place.' Over time, as it made its way into English, 'skulk' came to describe the act of moving stealthily or furtively, often with the intention of avoiding detection or attention. The word's etymology reflects its connection to the idea of seeking shelter or hiding, conveying the notion of evading notice by moving discreetly.

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Further usage examples of skulk

1. I saw the mouse skulk under the furniture, frightened of the light.
2. As the sun began to set, the owls would skulk from their nests.
3. She had the ability to skulk in a room full of people unnoticed.
4. For hours, the lion would skulk, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
5. They didn't want to skulk but decided it was the safest option.
6. As an introvert, I sometimes skulk at social gatherings to avoid small talk.
7. The detectives watched the suspect skulk around the crime scene.
8. You shouldn't skulk in the shadows, face your fears head-on.
9. The shy child would often skulk behind her mother's skirt.
10. The bear would skulk around the campsite looking for food.
11. I'd rather skulk in the back than lead the group.
12. When confronted, he tried to skulk out of the room.
13. During hide-and-seek, the kids would skulk, waiting for the perfect moment to run.
14. They watched the chameleon skulk across the branch, virtually invisible against the leaves.



lurk, confront, appear, approach


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