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How to pronounce slanted (audio)

Dictionary definition of slanted

Inclined or tilted to one side.
"She wore a slanted hat that added a touch of mystery to her outfit."

Detailed meaning of slanted

It often refers to a surface, line, or object that is not perpendicular or level but rather has a noticeable slope or angle. This term can also be used metaphorically to describe biased or distorted information, such as a slanted viewpoint or slanted news coverage. In this context, it implies a deliberate skewing or manipulation of facts or opinions to support a particular agenda or perspective. When information is presented in a slanted manner, it is often intended to influence or sway the audience's understanding or perception of a subject. Therefore, being aware of potential biases and seeking multiple perspectives is crucial to obtain a more accurate and balanced view of any given topic.

Example sentences containing slanted

1. The painting on the wall was slightly slanted, giving the room a whimsical feel.
2. The roof of the old house had a slanted design to allow rainwater to run off easily.
3. The journalist accused the newspaper of publishing a slanted article that favored a specific political party.
4. The slanted rays of the setting sun cast a beautiful golden glow across the landscape.
5. His handwriting was slanted, making it unique and recognizable.
6. The bookshelf was slanted, causing the books to lean to one side.

History and etymology of slanted

The adjective 'slanted' is derived from the verb 'slant,' which has its origins in Middle English. It evolved from the Old Norse word 'slenja,' meaning 'to slope' or 'to incline.' The term 'slant' captures the idea of something being inclined or tilted to one side, often deviating from a perfectly horizontal or vertical orientation. The etymology of 'slanted' emphasizes the notion of a slight angle or deviation from the norm, reflecting its use to describe surfaces, lines, or objects that are not entirely level or upright.

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Further usage examples of slanted

1. The slanted roof of the shed protected it from heavy snowfall during the winter.
2. The road had a slanted curve, requiring drivers to adjust their steering.
3. The artist used slanted brushstrokes to create a sense of movement in the painting.
4. She glanced at him with a slanted look, unsure of his true intentions.
5. The slanted letters on the sign made it difficult to read from a distance.
6. The picture frame on the wall looked slanted and uneven.
7. The tower leaned slightly, giving it a slanted appearance.
8. The sun cast a slanted shadow across the sidewalk.
9. Her handwriting was slanted, making it hard to read.
10. The slanted roof allowed rain to drain off easily.
11. The bookshelf looked slanted after the earthquake.
12. His smile was crooked, with slanted teeth.
13. The tree grew with a slanted trunk due to strong winds.
14. The slanted path led us down the hillside.
15. The tower had a slanted top that was iconic in the city.
16. The painting featured a slanted horizon for artistic effect.
17. The slanted driveway made parking a challenge.
18. She noticed a slanted crack in the sidewalk.
19. The slanted window provided a view of the mountains.
20. His slanted gaze made it clear he was suspicious.
21. The slanted bridge spanned the river with elegance.
22. The sign hung at a slanted angle, needing adjustment.
23. The old fence posts were slanted from years of weathering.
24. The boat rocked on the slanted surface of the water.
25. Her slanted perspective on the issue surprised many.



biased, unbiased, impartial, balanced


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