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How to pronounce socialite (audio)

Dictionary definition of socialite

A person who is prominent within a particular social circle or community due to their high status, wealth, and social connections.
"The socialite was a regular at all the best parties in town."

Detailed meaning of socialite

Socialites are typically known for their lavish lifestyles, attending and organizing social events, and being well-connected with other members of high society. They are often associated with the upper echelons of society, such as the wealthy, famous, or influential. Socialites are often seen as trendsetters and influencers in their respective communities, and their opinions and actions can carry significant weight. They may be involved in philanthropic activities, charity work, or other social causes, and are typically known for their charisma and charm. Socialites can be found in various industries, including entertainment, politics, business, and fashion.

Example sentences containing socialite

1. The socialite arrived at the party in a dazzling dress.
2. Being a socialite isn't as easy as it looks.
3. Every photographer wanted a snap of the famous socialite.
4. The city's top socialite has just launched a new charity.
5. The young socialite was often seen at exclusive venues.
6. As a socialite, she had an impeccable sense of fashion.

History and etymology of socialite

The noun 'socialite' has a relatively recent etymology that is closely linked to the rise of high society and celebrity culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is derived from the word 'social,' which pertains to matters related to society and socializing. The suffix '-ite' is often used to form nouns denoting a person belonging to a particular group or having a certain quality. In this case, 'socialite' describes a person who is prominent within a particular social circle or community due to their high status, wealth, and extensive social connections. This term emerged as society columns and the media began to focus on the glamorous lives and activities of the elite, leading to the popularization of the concept of a 'socialite' as someone who navigates and defines high society.

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Further usage examples of socialite

1. That party was a who's who of notable socialites.
2. Rumors were flying about the socialite's latest escapade.
3. He was a socialite by birth but a philanthropist at heart.
4. The socialite's wedding was a major event in the city.
5. Despite her status as a socialite, she kept her life private.
6. The socialite's memoir offers an inside look into high society.
7. She transitioned from an actress to a respected socialite.
8. The renowned socialite donated generously to the local museum.
9. As a socialite, networking was second nature to her.
10. The glitzy event was incomplete without the presence of that famed socialite.
11. Living as a socialite often meant attending three events in one night.
12. The socialite's Instagram was filled with travel and gala events.
13. Even amongst socialites, she had a reputation for her grand parties.
14. The lifestyle of a socialite can sometimes be overwhelming and demanding.



celebrity, recluse, introvert, unknown


Admiration and Respect, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Social Status and Hierarchy

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