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How to pronounce sophomoric (audio)

Dictionary definition of sophomoric

Immature, overly simplistic, or lacking serious thought or judgment.
"Her argument was dismissed as sophomoric and poorly researched."

Detailed meaning of sophomoric

Sophomoric is an adjective that is used to describe something that is characteristic of a sophomores, which refers to a student in the second year of college or high school. The term is often used to describe behavior or ideas that are immature, overly simplistic, or lacking in serious thought or judgment. It can be used to describe a person who is not fully developed intellectually or emotionally, and who may display a lack of maturity or understanding in a given situation. The term can also describe a work or behavior that is intellectually pretentious but lacking in substance, or that is characterized by a lack of critical thinking, critical examination, and depth of understanding. In literature, a sophomoric work is often seen as immature, overly simplistic, or lacking in artistic merit. The term can also be used in a more general sense to describe anything that is immature, lacking in seriousness, or not fully developed.

Example sentences containing sophomoric

1. His sophomoric humor often left others unimpressed.
2. Avoid the sophomoric mistake of oversimplification.
3. Her sophomoric behavior undermined her credibility.
4. The sophomoric plot of the movie disappointed critics.
5. Sophomoric arguments have no place in serious debates.
6. He outgrew his sophomoric notions about relationships.

History and etymology of sophomoric

The adjective 'sophomoric' derives its etymology from the combination of two words: 'sophomore' and '-ic.' 'Sophomore' comes from the Greek words 'sophos,' meaning 'wise,' and 'moros,' meaning 'foolish' or 'dull.' Originally, 'sophomore' referred to a student in their second year of university, suggesting a stage where one had gained some knowledge but might still exhibit youthful foolishness. Over time, 'sophomoric' emerged to describe behaviors or ideas characteristic of sophomores, particularly those that were immature, overly simplistic, or lacking in serious thought or judgment. Thus, the etymology of 'sophomoric' reflects the tension between wisdom and folly, marking a stage of learning and development where one is not yet fully matured in their understanding and judgment.

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Further usage examples of sophomoric

1. The sophomoric approach failed to solve the complex issue.
2. Sophomoric pranks can lead to serious consequences.
3. She cringed at the sophomoric jokes during the meeting.
4. Sophomoric writing lacks depth and maturity.
5. Avoid making sophomoric decisions in your career.
6. The sophomoric character in the story added comic relief.
7. His sophomoric perspective on life evolved over time.
8. The speech's sophomoric content failed to impress.
9. Sophomoric behavior may hinder personal growth.
10. The sophomoric outlook on politics was unrealistic.
11. He dismissed her ideas as sophomoric and naive.
12. The sophomoric approach to problem-solving was ineffective.
13. She grew tired of his constant sophomoric antics.
14. Sophomoric thinking can hinder intellectual development.
15. His behavior at the party was seen as sophomoric and immature.
16. The novel was criticized for its sophomoric writing style and lack of depth.
17. The video game was criticized for its sophomoric humor and offensive content.
18. His jokes were seen as sophomoric and lacking in wit.
19. The play was considered sophomoric by most theater-goers for its simplistic and predictable plot.
20. Her attitude towards the situation was considered sophomoric and irresponsible.
21. The movie was panned by critics for its sophomoric humor and poor acting.
22. His attempts at satire were seen as sophomoric and failed to elicit any real laughter.
23. She found his sophomoric humour repelling, and preferred a mature and distinguished man.
24. The comedy skit was deemed sophomoric by critics for its lack of originality and cheap humor.
25. The artwork was criticized for its sophomoric rendering and lack of creativity.
26. Her approach to the problem was seen as sophomoric, and she was asked to re-evaluate her plan.



immature, mature, sophisticated, worldly


GRE 2 (Graduate Record Examination), Deficiency and Shortage, Vexation and Aggravation, Naivety and Stupidity

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