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How to pronounce spark (audio)

Dictionary definition of spark

A small, fiery particle that is produced when a flammable material is ignited.
"Her eyes lit up with a spark of excitement when she received the good news."

Detailed meaning of spark

It represents a brief burst of light and heat that occurs when there is a rapid chemical reaction, typically accompanied by a small explosion. Metaphorically, a spark can also denote a sudden, brilliant idea or inspiration that ignites creativity, enthusiasm, or change. It symbolizes the initial moment of ignition or stimulation that sets off a chain of events or reactions. Furthermore, the term "spark" can refer to a small but noticeable amount of something, such as a hint or trace, that triggers a larger response or outcome. In social interactions, a spark can represent a connection or attraction between individuals, often used to describe the initial stages of romantic interest or chemistry. Overall, the concept of a spark embodies the idea of something small yet powerful, capable of initiating significant transformation, whether physical, intellectual, emotional, or relational.

Example sentences containing spark

1. The campfire crackled and sent sparks dancing into the night sky.
2. The mechanic used a spark plug to ignite the engine and start the car.
3. The couple's first date had an undeniable spark of chemistry between them.
4. The scientist's groundbreaking research sparked a revolution in the field.
5. A single spark from the faulty wiring caused the entire building to catch fire.
6. The speaker's passionate words ignited a spark of inspiration in the audience.

History and etymology of spark

The noun 'spark' derives its origins from the Middle English word 'sparke.' This Middle English term can be traced back to the Old English word 'spearca,' which meant 'a small particle' or 'a spark.' The evolution of this word over time reflects the fascination humans have long held for these tiny, incandescent embers, which have symbolized both the creative and destructive aspects of fire throughout history. As a linguistic relic, 'spark' continues to evoke the vivid imagery of these luminous fragments born from flames.

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Further usage examples of spark

1. The artist's colorful palette and bold brushstrokes brought the painting to life with sparks of creativity.
2. Their heated argument quickly turned into a full-blown shouting match, fueled by sparks of anger.
3. The sudden spark of an idea led to the invention of a revolutionary new technology.
4. The fireworks display filled the night sky with bursts of sparks and vibrant colors.
5. The teacher's engaging lesson sparked curiosity and enthusiasm in the students.
6. A tiny spark ignited the campfire's crackling flame.
7. His words were the spark that ignited a heated debate.
8. The electrician fixed the faulty wire causing a spark.
9. Love can kindle the most passionate spark between people.
10. A stray spark set the dry grass ablaze in seconds.
11. The welder wears protective gear to shield from a spark.
12. The first spark of creativity led to a brilliant invention.
13. A spark flew between the rival gangs in the neighborhood.
14. The fireworks display lit up the sky with colorful sparks.
15. Her smile was the spark that brightened my day.
16. A spark of inspiration struck him in the middle of the night.
17. The spark of rebellion spread throughout the oppressed city.
18. The mechanic checked the engine for any signs of a spark.
19. A spark of hope emerged in the darkest of times.
20. Their chemistry created a spark on and off the stage.
21. The spark of curiosity drove him to explore new places.
22. A spark of laughter filled the room during the family gathering.
23. The spark plug needed replacing to improve engine performance.
24. An unexpected spark of kindness restored his faith in humanity.
25. The flint and steel produced a spark for starting the fire.



glint, extinguish, dampen, snuff


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