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How to pronounce spartan (audio)


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Dictionary definition of spartan

Characterized by simplicity, austerity, and a lack of luxury or excess.
"He embraced a spartan lifestyle, with minimal possessions and a strict diet."

Detailed meaning of spartan

When a situation, lifestyle, or environment is described as spartan, it implies that it adheres to a minimalistic and frugal approach, often foregoing unnecessary comforts or extravagances. This term draws its inspiration from the ancient Spartan warriors of Greece, known for their strict discipline, simplicity of living, and emphasis on endurance and self-sufficiency. A spartan room, for example, would be devoid of lavish furnishings or decorations, emphasizing functionality over ornamentation. Similarly, a spartan lifestyle might involve strict routines and a focus on essential needs, while rejecting unnecessary indulgences. "Spartan" underscores a commitment to a simple and disciplined way of life, often associated with self-control, frugality, and a focus on the essentials.

Example sentences containing spartan

1. The dormitory had spartan furnishings, with only a bed and a desk.
2. His spartan lifestyle focused on minimalism and simplicity.
3. The army recruits endured spartan training conditions to build discipline.
4. The hotel room had a spartan design, lacking unnecessary frills.
5. The spartan meal consisted of plain rice and boiled vegetables.
6. She lived in a spartan apartment with only the bare essentials.

History and etymology of spartan

The adjective 'Spartan' has an etymology rooted in the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta, known for its distinctive way of life and values. It is derived from 'Sparta,' the name of this city-state. The Spartans were renowned for their simplicity, austerity, and emphasis on discipline and military prowess. They lived a frugal and rigorous lifestyle, with an aversion to luxury and excess. The term 'Spartan' came to describe anything characterized by similar qualities of simplicity, austerity, and a lack of indulgence. In modern usage, when something is described as 'Spartan,' it emphasizes its minimalist and disciplined nature, often devoid of extravagance or excess. The etymology of 'Spartan' underscores its association with the Spartan way of life and values, highlighting the qualities of simplicity and austerity that it signifies.

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Further usage examples of spartan

1. The spartan gym had no fancy equipment, just the basics for a good workout.
2. The spartan office environment fostered a focused and productive atmosphere.
3. The spartan military barracks had bunk beds and shared facilities.
4. The team's spartan uniforms were simple and functional.
5. The spartan style of the room reflected the owner's minimalist taste.
6. The spartan diet excluded indulgences and focused on nutrition.
7. The spartan decor of the yoga studio created a serene and uncluttered space.
8. The marathon runner had a spartan training regimen, dedicating hours to practice.
9. The spartan campsite provided only the basic necessities for survival.
10. The spartan classroom had no decorations, allowing students to focus on learning.
11. The spartan budget allowed for little more than essentials.
12. The spartan wardrobe consisted of neutral-colored clothing and a few key pieces.
13. The spartan living conditions in the wilderness tested their resilience.
14. The spartan office cubicles promoted efficiency and minimized distractions.



austere, luxurious, lavish, opulent


Command and Constraint, Discipline and Control, Discipline and Resolve

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