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How to pronounce spokesman (audio)

Dictionary definition of spokesman

An individual, usually a man, who serves as a representative or official voice for a group, organization, or cause.
"The government's spokesman issued a statement clarifying the new policy."

Detailed meaning of spokesman

A spokesman acts as a spokesperson, conveying and articulating the views, opinions, or official statements on behalf of the entity they represent. They are responsible for communicating and providing information to the public, media, or other stakeholders. A spokesman often serves as a liaison between the organization and the external world, ensuring that messages are delivered clearly and accurately. They may participate in press conferences, interviews, or public events to address inquiries, disseminate information, or present the organization's position. A spokesman should possess strong communication skills, credibility, and a deep understanding of the entity they represent to effectively convey messages and represent the interests of the group or organization they speak for.

Example sentences containing spokesman

1. The company's spokesman addressed the media regarding the recent product recall.
2. The organization appointed a new spokesman to improve their public image.
3. The spokesman assured the public that the safety of their customers was their top priority.
4. The union's spokesman held a press conference to address the concerns of the workers.
5. The celebrity's spokesman released a statement denying the rumors of their involvement in the scandal.
6. The environmental group's spokesman advocated for stricter regulations to protect endangered species.

History and etymology of spokesman

The noun 'spokesman' has its linguistic roots in Old English and Middle English, where it initially appeared as 'spake-man.' This term was a compound word formed by combining 'spake,' which means 'to speak,' with 'man,' denoting a person. Over the centuries, the word underwent linguistic evolution and simplification, ultimately becoming 'spokesman.' Throughout its history, 'spokesman' has consistently referred to an individual, often a man, who serves as the representative or official voice for a group, organization, or cause. This etymological journey reflects the enduring concept of a spokesperson as someone who articulates the views, interests, or messages of others, acting as their vocal advocate and communicator.

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Further usage examples of spokesman

1. The charity's spokesman thanked the community for their generous donations.
2. The spokesman remained tight-lipped about the company's future plans.
3. The political party's spokesman outlined their agenda for the upcoming election.
4. The sports team's spokesman confirmed the star player's injury and provided an update on their recovery.
5. The spokesman emphasized the organization's commitment to transparency and accountability.
6. The spokesman for the company addressed the media.
7. The union's spokesman announced the strike's end.
8. The government's spokesman clarified the policy change.
9. The environmental group's spokesman called for action.
10. The team's spokesman provided updates on the game.
11. The school's spokesman shared the principal's message.
12. The charity's spokesman thanked donors for support.
13. The senator's spokesman issued a statement on healthcare.
14. The CEO's spokesman outlined the new strategy.
15. The organization's spokesman advocated for change.
16. The campaign's spokesman discussed their platform.
17. The president's spokesman briefed reporters on the summit.
18. The mayor's spokesman explained the budget proposal.
19. The police department's spokesman answered questions.
20. The athlete's spokesman addressed doping allegations.
21. The tech company's spokesman unveiled the new product.
22. The celebrity's spokesman denied the rumors.
23. The university's spokesman commented on the research.
24. The opposition party's spokesman criticized the government.
25. The diplomat's spokesman addressed international concerns.



representative, listener, follower, observer


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