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How to pronounce sprawl (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sprawl

To extend or spread out in a disorganized or haphazard manner, often covering a wide area.
"The city's suburbs continue to sprawl further and further out from the city center."

Detailed meaning of sprawl

When something sprawls, it typically lacks order or structure and can involve the uncontrolled growth of buildings, vegetation, or even people. This term can be used to describe urban development that expands outward without proper planning, a city that sprawls across the landscape, or a person who sprawls on a couch or bed in a relaxed and unstructured manner. "Sprawl" underscores the idea of something extending widely and often inefficiently, often leading to issues related to congestion, environmental impact, or a lack of cohesion and organization.

Example sentences containing sprawl

1. The city seemed to sprawl out before us for miles.
2. The toddler loved to sprawl out on the carpet and play with his toys.
3. The garden was allowed to sprawl a bit, giving it a wild, natural look.
4. After a long day of hiking, we just wanted to sprawl out on the couch and relax.
5. The abandoned factory had been left to sprawl out and decay for years.
6. The ivy had begun to sprawl up the walls of the old brick building.

History and etymology of sprawl

The verb 'sprawl' finds its origins in the Middle English word 'spraulen,' which meant 'to move awkwardly or crawl.' It entered the English language in the 16th century. 'Sprawl' is used to describe the act of extending or spreading out in a disorganized or haphazard manner, often covering a wide area. It implies an uncontrolled or disorderly expansion that lacks structure or planning. The etymology of 'sprawl' effectively conveys the idea of something stretching or sprawling in an uncontrolled manner, like the limbs of a person sprawled out in relaxation. Whether applied to urban development, plant growth, or even a sprawling narrative, this term emphasizes a lack of order and compactness in the expansion or arrangement of elements.

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Further usage examples of sprawl

1. The city continues to sprawl across the countryside.
2. Buildings sprawl along the coastline, blocking the view.
3. Urbanization causes cities to sprawl into neighboring areas.
4. The shopping center seems to sprawl endlessly.
5. Suburbs sprawl in every direction from the city center.
6. The factory's expansion caused it to sprawl across multiple blocks.
7. The vineyards sprawl across the rolling hills.
8. High-rise apartment complexes sprawl across the skyline.
9. The park features lush gardens that sprawl throughout the grounds.
10. Residential neighborhoods sprawl along the riverbanks.
11. Office buildings sprawl across the cityscape.
12. The city's suburbs sprawl outwards, encroaching on rural areas.
13. Residential developments sprawl along the outskirts of town.
14. The city continued to sprawl as new suburbs expanded outward.
15. Urbanization can lead to unchecked development and urban sprawl.
16. Vines seemed to sprawl across the abandoned building's facade.
17. The picnic blanket invited us to sprawl under the shade.
18. Construction projects can cause cities to sprawl rapidly.
19. The tangled wires sprawled messily behind the computer desk.
20. The old factory's ruins sprawled over the riverside landscape.
21. We watched the city lights sprawl below us from the hilltop.
22. Suburban neighborhoods often sprawl across open landscapes.
23. The industrial complex seemed to sprawl endlessly.
24. The city's public transportation network needed to sprawl further.



extend, compress, confine, consolidate


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