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How to pronounce sprinkle (audio)

Dictionary definition of sprinkle

To scatter or disperse something in small droplets or particles over a surface.
"She likes to sprinkle cinnamon on her coffee."

Detailed meaning of sprinkle

It involves lightly and evenly distributing a substance, typically a liquid or fine particles, in a gentle manner. Sprinkling often involves using fingers, a utensil, or a tool to release the substance in a controlled manner. It can be done for various purposes, such as adding flavor or decoration to food by sprinkling spices, sugar, or sprinkles. Sprinkling can also refer to the act of lightly moistening or spraying a surface with water or another liquid. It is commonly used in gardening to water plants by sprinkling them with a watering can or using a sprinkler system. Overall, "sprinkle" describes the action of delicately spreading or applying something in small quantities or drops.

Example sentences containing sprinkle

1. Before you bake the cookies, sprinkle them with sugar.
2. The chef will sprinkle some parsley over the pasta.
3. As the rain began to sprinkle, they took out their umbrellas.
4. I always sprinkle a pinch of salt in my scrambled eggs.
5. He decided to sprinkle some chia seeds on his yogurt.
6. They watched the gardener sprinkle the lawn with water.

History and etymology of sprinkle

The verb 'sprinkle' has its roots in Old English, where it appeared as 'sprencan,' and it can be traced back even further to the Proto-Germanic word 'sprengōną,' meaning 'to scatter in drops.' Over time, 'sprencan' evolved into 'sprinkle' in Middle English, retaining its fundamental meaning of scattering or dispersing something in small droplets or particles over a surface. This word's etymology reflects its connection to actions like sprinkling water, salt, or other substances, and it continues to be used today to describe the act of lightly distributing or strewing something in a fine, dispersed manner, adding a touch of moisture, flavor, or decoration to various surfaces and objects.

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Further usage examples of sprinkle

1. Can you sprinkle some shredded cheese on my tacos?
2. Sprinkle some magic dust to make your imagination come alive.
3. She forgot to sprinkle nuts on the brownies before baking.
4. Let's sprinkle some wildflower seeds in the backyard.
5. If you sprinkle lemon juice on the apples, they won't turn brown.
6. I will sprinkle glitter over the glue to make it sparkle.
7. He showed his daughter how to sprinkle breadcrumbs on the chicken.
8. Sprinkle kindness everywhere you go.
9. The little girl wanted to sprinkle the flowers with water.
10. Be sure to sprinkle the fish with seasoning before grilling.
11. As she walked down the aisle, the flower girl began to sprinkle petals.
12. The waiter offered to sprinkle freshly ground pepper on my salad.
13. We should sprinkle the driveway with salt to melt the ice.
14. She decided to sprinkle some glitter on the craft project.
15. The chef will sprinkle fresh herbs over the dish before serving.
16. He likes to sprinkle sugar on his morning cereal.
17. A gentle rain began to sprinkle the garden with moisture.
18. She used a sieve to sprinkle powdered sugar evenly.
19. The baker will sprinkle powdered cocoa on the cupcakes.
20. He plans to sprinkle flower seeds in the empty garden bed.
21. The children love to sprinkle breadcrumbs for the birds.
22. The barista will skillfully sprinkle cocoa on your latte.
23. The sky started to sprinkle light snowflakes on the ground.



scatter, collect, gather, concentrate


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