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How to pronounce stabilize (audio)


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Dictionary definition of stabilize

To make something stable, steady, or balanced.
"The doctor worked quickly to stabilize the patient's vital signs."

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Detailed meaning of stabilize

When we stabilize something, we take measures or implement actions to prevent or reduce fluctuations, volatility, or uncertainty. The goal is to establish a state of equilibrium, where the object, system, or situation becomes more secure, predictable, or manageable. Stabilizing often involves counteracting or mitigating factors that could cause instability or disruption. It can apply to various contexts, such as stabilizing the economy, stabilizing prices, stabilizing a patient's condition in healthcare, or stabilizing a structure or foundation in construction. By stabilizing, we strive to create a more reliable and sustainable state, reducing risks, promoting resilience, and enabling smoother functioning or operation.

Example sentences containing stabilize

1. The government implemented measures to stabilize the fluctuating currency.
2. The construction crew used steel beams to stabilize the crumbling building.
3. The company hired a financial consultant to help stabilize its struggling finances.
4. The medication helped stabilize the patient's mood swings.
5. The central bank intervened to stabilize the stock market during the crisis.
6. The engineer installed additional supports to stabilize the wobbly bridge.

History and etymology of stabilize

The verb 'stabilize' has its etymological roots in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'stabilis,' which meant 'firm' or 'steady.' In Latin, 'stabilis' was derived from the verb 'stare,' meaning 'to stand.' When 'stabilize' entered the English language, it retained its Latin essence, signifying the act of making something stable, steady, or balanced. This word's etymology reflects its fundamental purpose—to establish a sense of firmness and equilibrium. To stabilize is to ensure that something remains steady and secure, preventing it from wobbling, fluctuating, or becoming unsteady, thereby maintaining its desired state of equilibrium.

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Further usage examples of stabilize

1. The emergency response team worked tirelessly to stabilize the situation after the natural disaster.
2. The therapist provided techniques to stabilize the client's anxiety.
3. The farmers used irrigation systems to stabilize crop growth during dry seasons.
4. The medication helped stabilize the patient's blood pressure.
5. The government implemented policies to stabilize the housing market and prevent price fluctuations.
6. They worked hard to stabilize the wobbly table.
7. Economic reforms aim to stabilize the country's finances.
8. Medication helped stabilize his blood pressure.
9. Proper diet and exercise can stabilize your weight.
10. The engineer sought to stabilize the shaky bridge.
11. The government's efforts were successful in stabilizing inflation.
12. They used ropes and anchors to stabilize the tent.
13. A stable foundation is essential to stabilize the structure.
14. Diplomacy is necessary to stabilize international relations.
15. Emergency measures were taken to stabilize the situation.
16. The therapist's guidance helped stabilize her emotions.
17. Market interventions can temporarily stabilize prices.
18. After the storm, they worked to stabilize the damaged roof.
19. The medication is designed to stabilize mood swings.
20. Innovations in technology can stabilize volatile markets.
21. To stabilize the company, they restructured its management.
22. Adequate funding is required to stabilize the healthcare system.
23. They used scaffolding to stabilize the crumbling building.
24. His leadership helped stabilize the turbulent organization.



balance, destabilize, unsettle, unbalance


Development and Refinement, Balance and Stability, Control and Discipline, Discipline and Control

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