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How to pronounce staunch (audio)

Dictionary definition of staunch

Steadfast, resolute, and unwavering in one's support, loyalty, or commitment to a particular cause, belief, or individual.
"He is a staunch believer in mental discipline and stoic resolve."

Detailed meaning of staunch

A staunch person is characterized by their firm and unswerving dedication, often in the face of challenges, adversity, or criticism. Similarly, a staunch supporter or ally is someone who can be relied upon to provide unwavering support and defend their principles or affiliations. This term is often associated with unwavering loyalty and determination, making it a valuable trait in various contexts, such as politics, friendship, or advocacy, where consistency and reliability are highly regarded.

Example sentences containing staunch

1. Despite the challenges, she remained a staunch supporter of the environmental movement.
2. He's a staunch defender of free speech, even when it's unpopular.
3. Her staunch dedication to charity work inspired everyone around her.
4. The soldier's staunch bravery in battle earned him numerous medals.
5. Even in adversity, their staunch friendship never wavered.
6. His staunch faith in innovation drove the company's success.

History and etymology of staunch

The adjective 'staunch' has its etymological origins in Old French and Middle English. It is derived from the Old French word 'estanche,' which means 'watertight' or 'impervious to water.' In Middle English, it came to describe something that was firm, sound, or steadfast. Over time, the term 'staunch' took on a figurative sense, referring to individuals who are steadfast, resolute, and unwavering in their support, loyalty, or commitment to a particular cause, belief, or individual. A 'staunch' person is known for their unwavering dedication and unyielding reliability. The etymology of 'staunch' reflects its historical connection to the idea of being firm and steadfast, emphasizing the strong and resolute qualities of those who demonstrate steadfast loyalty and support.

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Further usage examples of staunch

1. She's a staunch advocate for animal rights, leading by example.
2. The politician's staunch commitment to equality resonated with voters.
3. His staunch opposition to injustice made him a local hero.
4. The team's staunch determination led them to victory.
5. Despite criticism, her staunch belief in the cause never faltered.
6. She was a staunch supporter of the civil rights movement.
7. He is a staunch believer in democracy and rule of law.
8. She is a staunch advocate for solar powered energy.
9. He is a staunch defender of freedom of speech and expression.
10. He remained a staunch supporter of the liberal party after stepping down from office.
11. He is a staunch supporter of small government and low taxation.
12. She is a staunch advocate of free trade and open borders.
13. She was a staunch defender of civil rights and never wavered in her commitment to the cause.
14. He was a staunch supporter of the arts and worked tirelessly to promote cultural expression.
15. The organization was lucky to have such staunch supporters who never wavered in their commitment.
16. She was a staunch ally and could always be counted on to have her friend's back.
17. He was a staunch defender of the constitution and always stood up for the rights of the people.
18. The staunch members of the team worked tirelessly to achieve their goals.
19. She was a staunch champion of the environment and worked tirelessly to protect it.
20. He was a staunch member of the community, always willing to lend a helping hand.
21. The staunch soldiers never wavered in their duty, even in the face of great danger.
22. She was a staunch leader, guiding the team through many challenges.
23. The staunch volunteers were always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.
24. He was a staunch defender of freedom of speech and always stood up for the right to express one's opinions.



steadfast, disloyal, unfaithful, wavering


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