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How to pronounce stinging (audio)


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Dictionary definition of stinging

Causing a sharp, intense, and often painful sensation.
"The stinging remarks from her coworker made her feel humiliated."


Detailed meaning of stinging

It refers to the quality or characteristic of a physical or emotional experience that leaves a lingering discomfort or distress. A stinging sensation is typically associated with a sudden and piercing pain, akin to the feeling of being pricked or burned. It can be caused by physical objects such as thorns, needles, or insect bites, or by emotional experiences that evoke feelings of hurt, resentment, or bitterness. The stinging adjective can also be used metaphorically to describe words, criticism, or actions that have a cutting or hurtful effect on someone's feelings or self-esteem. Whether referring to a physical or emotional context, the stinging attribute denotes an intense and uncomfortable sensation that lingers and leaves a lasting impact.

Example sentences containing stinging

1. The bee's stinging bite left a painful mark on my arm.
2. She winced as the stinging wind whipped against her face.
3. I applied a soothing cream to relieve the stinging sensation on my sunburned skin.
4. The stinging criticism from the judge left the contestant feeling disheartened.
5. The stinging nettle brushed against my leg, causing an immediate reaction.
6. He felt a stinging pain as he accidentally touched the hot stove.

History and etymology of stinging

The adjective 'stinging' is closely related to the verb 'sting,' which can be traced back to Old English and Germanic roots. In Old English, 'stingan' meant to prick or puncture with a pointed object, and this sense carried over into Middle English. Over time, 'stinging' emerged to describe the sensation caused by something that pierces the skin or mucous membranes, leading to a sharp, intense, and often painful feeling. The etymology of 'stinging' underscores its connection to the physical sensation of being pricked or punctured, reflecting the discomfort and sharpness associated with such an experience.

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Further usage examples of stinging

1. The stinging defeat in the final game was hard to swallow for the team.
2. The stinging truth of his words made her realize her mistakes.
3. Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt the stinging betrayal of her friend.
4. The stinging sensation in his eyes made him blink rapidly.
5. Her heart sank as she listened to the stinging rejection from the college admissions committee.
6. The stinging raindrops pelted my face as I hurried down the street.
7. Her stinging words left a lasting impression on my self-esteem.
8. The stinging cold of winter made me shiver uncontrollably.
9. The bee's stinging venom caused my arm to swell and itch.
10. He winced in pain as the stinging sensation spread across his back.
11. The stinging rebuke from his boss made him rethink his actions.
12. I applied a stinging antiseptic to the wound to prevent infection.
13. The stinging criticism in the review left me feeling discouraged.
14. Her stinging critique of the movie sparked a heated debate.
15. The stinging nettle brushed against my skin, causing an instant rash.
16. He felt a stinging regret for not attending the important meeting.
17. The stinging sensation of betrayal lingered long after the breakup.
18. The stinging sunburn on my shoulders made me wince with pain.
19. The stinging scent of onions made my eyes water in the kitchen.
20. She delivered a stinging serve that her opponent couldn't return.
21. The stinging disappointment of failure was hard to bear.
22. The stinging sensation of anxiety washed over me before the exam.
23. He endured the stinging cold wind as he climbed the mountain.
24. The stinging realization that he had been fooled stung deeply.
25. A stinging feeling of regret gnawed at him as he watched her leave.



painful, soothing, numbing, painless


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