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How to pronounce stipulation (audio)

Dictionary definition of stipulation

A specific condition, requirement or agreement that is set forth as part of a legal or contractual agreement.
"He made a stipulation that he would only take the job if he could work from home."

Detailed meaning of stipulation

It is a specific provision or clause that is included in a contract, a law, or an agreement, that must be met or fulfilled before the agreement can be considered valid. Stipulations can be used to set guidelines, to establish rights and obligations, or to put limitations on an agreement. They can be used to define the terms of the agreement, and to establish the responsibilities of the parties involved. Stipulations can also be used to set conditions under which the agreement can be terminated, or to establish penalties for non-compliance. In legal context, stipulations are often used to clarify the terms of a settlement or a court order. In general, stipulations are used to establish a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of an agreement, and to provide a framework for resolving disputes or violations of the agreement.

Example sentences containing stipulation

1. He agreed to the stipulation that the project must be completed by the end of the month.
2. She insisted on the stipulation that she would have final approval on the design.
3. He made a stipulation that he would only take the job if he could work from home.
4. She included the stipulation that any changes to the contract must be approved by both parties.
5. He added a stipulation that the company would cover his travel expenses.
6. She made a stipulation that the payment would be made in two installments.

History and etymology of stipulation

The noun 'stipulation' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'stipulatio.' In ancient Rome, 'stipulatio' was a formal contract, and the term was closely associated with the act of making solemn promises or agreements. This Latin word ultimately derived from the verb 'stipulari,' which meant 'to demand a formal promise' or 'to exact an agreement.' Over time, as Latin evolved into Romance languages and later into English, 'stipulation' retained its essence of representing specific conditions, requirements, or agreements within legal or contractual contexts. Therefore, the etymology of 'stipulation' reflects its historical connection to formalized promises and agreements, emphasizing the importance of clarity and specificity in legal and contractual language.

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Further usage examples of stipulation

1. He included a stipulation that he would have the right to terminate the agreement if certain conditions were not met.
2. She made a stipulation that the final product must meet certain quality standards.
3. He added a stipulation that the project must be completed within budget.
4. She made a stipulation that the vendor must agree to a confidentiality clause.
5. He added a stipulation that the company would provide health insurance for its employees.
6. She included a stipulation that the company would provide training for the new software.
7. The contract's stipulations include detailed payment terms and delivery schedules.
8. One stipulation of the rental agreement is the tenant's responsibility for maintenance.
9. Meeting the stipulation of annual audits is necessary to ensure financial transparency.
10. The stipulation of confidentiality safeguards sensitive information.
11. The stipulation for event entry requires a valid ID or ticket.
12. They negotiated the stipulation of equal profit sharing among partners.
13. The stipulation of weekly progress reports fosters project accountability.
14. The stipulation of exclusive distribution rights enhances market control.
15. The event's stipulation of no alcohol aligns with safety regulations.
16. One stipulation of the merger deal is a five-year non-compete agreement.
17. Meeting the stipulation for timely payments is essential to maintain services.
18. The stipulation of full cooperation ensures a collaborative work environment.
19. The stipulation of background checks enhances security measures.
20. The stipulation for a 20% down payment secures the purchase.
21. The stipulation of regular equipment maintenance reduces downtime.
22. The stipulation of a 10-year commitment shows long-term dedication.
23. They included a stipulation for alternative dispute resolution in the contract.
24. Adhering to the stipulation of safety protocols keeps workers protected.
25. The stipulation of comprehensive training is vital for employee development.
26. The stipulation of non-disclosure clauses safeguards proprietary information.



condition, breach, disregard, neglect


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