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How to pronounce stoop (audio)

Dictionary definition of stoop

To bend one's body forward and downward, often by curving the back and shoulders.
"She refused to stoop to their level by engaging in petty gossip."

Detailed meaning of stoop

This can be either momentary, as when someone bends down to tie their shoelaces, or more prolonged, as when someone adopts a hunched posture while working. In a figurative sense, "stoop" can also be used to describe lowering oneself morally or ethically, such as degrading oneself by engaging in actions or behavior that are considered beneath one’s dignity or moral standards. This figurative use often implies a sense of disappointment or disapproval regarding the action. Additionally, in British English, "stoop" can also refer to the act of swooping or descending rapidly, especially by a bird of prey.

Example sentences containing stoop

1. She refused to stoop to their level of pettiness.
2. The worker had to stoop to reach the low shelf.
3. He didn't want to stoop down and pick up the fallen papers.
4. The teacher asked the students to stoop and tie their shoelaces.
5. The old man had to stoop over his cane to walk.
6. The basketball player had to stoop to grab the rebound.

History and etymology of stoop

The verb 'stoop' has its origins in Old English and Middle English. In Old English, it was 'stupian,' which meant to bow or bend down. This action was often associated with humility or submission. Over time, 'stoop' evolved in Middle English to describe the act of bending one's body forward and downward, often involving the curving of the back and shoulders. The etymology of 'stoop' reflects the physical motion of lowering oneself, which can symbolize both a physical and metaphorical act of humbling or submitting oneself to a lower position or level.

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Further usage examples of stoop

1. She couldn't help but stoop to examine the intricate details of the flower.
2. The cat would stoop low to catch the mice in the field.
3. He had to stoop under the low doorway to enter the room.
4. The CEO refused to stoop to unethical business practices.
5. She had to stoop and duck to avoid hitting her head on the low ceiling.
6. The gymnast demonstrated her flexibility by performing a stoop and twist maneuver.
7. He had to stoop in order to fit through the narrow tunnel.
8. The politician refused to stoop to personal attacks during the debate.
9. The gardener would stoop to pull out weeds from the flowerbeds.
10. The child had to stoop to pick up his fallen toy from the ground.
11. She couldn't help but stoop and admire the beautiful seashells on the beach.
12. The hiker had to stoop to pass through the low-hanging branches on the trail.
13. The actor had to stoop and crawl on the stage during the performance.
14. The elderly woman would stoop to feed the birds in her garden every morning.



bend, straighten, unbend, stand


High School 17, SAT 13 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Movement and Flow

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