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How to pronounce stutter (audio)

Dictionary definition of stutter

To speak with involuntary interruptions or repetitions, typically caused by difficulties in fluency and smoothness of speech.
"When he was asked the question, he began to stutter nervously."

Detailed meaning of stutter

When a person stutters, they experience moments where they get stuck on certain sounds, syllables, or words, resulting in hesitations or pauses. These interruptions can manifest as repetitions (e.g., repeating a sound or word multiple times) or prolongations (e.g., prolonging a sound or syllable). Stuttering can be accompanied by physical manifestations, such as facial or body movements, as the person struggles to produce speech. It is often considered a communication disorder and can vary in severity and frequency from person to person. Stuttering can occur due to various factors, including genetic predisposition, developmental issues, or psychological factors, and it may require therapy or intervention to help individuals improve their fluency and manage their speech patterns.

Example sentences containing stutter

1. The child's speech therapist helped him overcome his stutter.
2. She had a tendency to stutter when she was nervous.
3. Despite his efforts, his speech would often stutter and break.
4. The singer's voice seemed to stutter during the high notes.
5. He struggled to get his thoughts out, causing his speech to stutter.
6. The microphone malfunctioned, causing the presenter's voice to stutter.

History and etymology of stutter

The verb 'stutter' has a rich linguistic history, tracing its origins back to ancient languages and evolving over time. It has undergone subtle changes in spelling and pronunciation throughout its journey through various languages, each contributing to its contemporary form. The roots of 'stutter' can be found in the Old English word 'stotorian,' which meant 'to stutter or stammer.' Over centuries, this word evolved into the Middle English 'stoteren' and eventually became the modern English 'stutter.' The etymology of 'stutter' reflects the enduring human struggle with speech impediments and the gradual linguistic transformations that have shaped our language.

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Further usage examples of stutter

1. The actor's character had a distinctive stutter that added depth to the performance.
2. The radio signal was weak, causing the broadcast to stutter intermittently.
3. The politician's speech was well-prepared, but he still managed to stutter a few times.
4. The cold weather made his speech stutter as his lips struggled to move.
5. The child felt self-conscious about his stutter and often avoided speaking in public.
6. The stress of the situation caused her words to stutter and falter.
7. The technical glitch caused the video to stutter and freeze for a moment.
8. Despite his stutter, he was determined to become a public speaker.
9. The professor's lecture would occasionally stutter when he lost his train of thought.
10. The anxiety made her stutter, tripping over her words as she spoke.
11. He tried to control his stutter, taking deep breaths before speaking.
12. His stutter worsened under pressure.
13. She practiced tirelessly to overcome her stutter.
14. The old car's engine seemed to stutter before finally coming to life.
15. His voice would often stutter when he was excited.
16. They offered her techniques to help manage her stutter.
17. She didn’t stutter once during her speech, showing great improvement.
18. His stutter made it difficult for him to communicate clearly.
19. As a child, he used to stutter but has since outgrown it.
20. The stutter in the audio recording made it hard to understand.
21. He used a special device to help reduce his stutter when speaking.
22. The audience clapped enthusiastically, understanding how hard she had worked to control her stutter.
23. The teacher was patient and understanding with the student’s stutter.
24. She felt her confidence grow as she realized she didn't stutter during her presentation.
25. The stutter in the transmission signal made communication with the satellite difficult.
26. He made an effort to slow down, as speaking too quickly often caused him to stutter.



stammer, articulate, enunciate, speak smoothly


SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Communication and Expression, Language and Expression 2

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