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How to pronounce subjugate (audio)

Dictionary definition of subjugate

To bring under control, dominate or conquer by force or by other means.
"They sought to subjugate their rivals through economic power."

Detailed meaning of subjugate

It is an action taken by one group of people to gain power and control over another group. Subjugation is often associated with military conquest, where one army defeats another army and takes control of their territory and people. The subjugated people are then forced to submit to the rule of the conquerors, who often impose their own culture, religion, and laws on the subjugated population. Subjugation can also take place through political means, as in a coup d'état, or by economic means, as in the case of colonization.
Subjugation can also refer to the act of dominating or oppressing a group of people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other characteristics. In this context, subjugation can take many forms such as forced labor, discrimination, and violence, and it can be used to maintain power and control over the subjugated group. Subjugation is often considered to be a violation of human rights and it can have long-lasting and detrimental effects on the subjugated people and their culture.

Example sentences containing subjugate

1. If you let your fears subjugate you, you will never fulfill your true potential.
2. We must never try to subjugate others for our own gain.
3. Their objective was clear: to subjugate the opposing kingdom.
4. Who are we to subjugate nature to our whims and fancies?
5. You cannot simply subjugate your emotions without consequence.
6. The colonizers tried to subjugate the indigenous population.

History and etymology of subjugate

The verb 'subjugate' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'subjugare.' This Latin term is a combination of 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'jugum,' which translates to 'yoke' or 'restraint.' The concept underlying 'subjugate' is akin to placing something or someone under a yoke or harness, symbolizing control or domination. When applied to human actions, it signifies the act of bringing under control, dominating, or conquering, often through force or other means. The etymology of 'subjugate' thus vividly portrays the notion of subjecting something or someone to a form of restraint or authority, highlighting the historical dynamics of power and control.

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Further usage examples of subjugate

1. Artificial intelligence, if misused, could subjugate humanity.
2. We must not let our work life subjugate our personal relationships.
3. The dictator's first goal was to subjugate the media.
4. In the past, stronger tribes would often subjugate the weaker ones.
5. The king's first move was to subjugate the rebellious provinces.
6. Historically, powerful nations often tried to subjugate smaller countries.
7. The evil sorcerer sought to subjugate the entire realm with his dark magic.
8. We cannot let fear subjugate our desire for freedom.
9. The conqueror's main strategy was to subjugate his enemies through psychological warfare.
10. Pride should never subjugate humility.
11. To subjugate another being is to diminish one's own humanity.
12. The aim of the invaders was clear: subjugate the kingdom and seize its resources.
13. It's important not to let our technology subjugate us.
14. The tyrant sought to subjugate the population through fear.
15. Empires often try to subjugate neighboring lands.
16. The conqueror aimed to subjugate all rival kingdoms.
17. The dictator's goal was to subjugate dissenting voices.
18. The invaders attempted to subjugate the indigenous tribes.
19. Authoritarian regimes use propaganda to subjugate minds.
20. The warlord used his army to subjugate rival warlords.
21. Colonial powers historically tried to subjugate colonies.
22. It's unjust to subjugate one group for the benefit of another.
23. The oppressor wanted to subjugate minority populations.
24. Resistance movements form to counter attempts to subjugate.



conquer, liberate, emancipate, free


Prefix sub-, GRE 7 (Graduate Record Examination), Authority and Control, Hegemony and Hierarchies, Power and Control

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