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incorporate, exclude, separate, distinguish


Prefix sub-, SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 14, Arrangement and Order



How to pronounce subsume (audio)


Dictionary definition of subsume

To include or absorb something into a larger group or category.
"The new theory will subsume all previous hypotheses."

Detailed meaning of subsume

It involves taking individual elements or concepts and placing them under a broader umbrella term. It is often used in academic and philosophical discussions to describe the way that smaller ideas can be incorporated into larger theories or frameworks. Subsuming involves looking for commonalities or similarities between different things and grouping them together accordingly. When a concept or idea is subsumed into a larger category, it becomes a part of a more comprehensive whole, and its specific attributes become less important than the characteristics it shares with other elements in the same category.

Example sentences containing subsume

1. His argument attempted to subsume multiple perspectives into one coherent framework.
2. The broader category will subsume several smaller subcategories.
3. The overarching principle will subsume individual exceptions.
4. The treaty will subsume various regional agreements.
5. The project aims to subsume diverse cultural influences.
6. The organization seeks to subsume different viewpoints under a unified vision.

History and etymology of subsume

The verb 'subsume' has its roots in Latin, derived from 'subsumere,' which combines 'sub' (under) and 'sumere' (to take). It entered the English language in the 18th century. 'Subsume' means to include or absorb something into a larger group or category, often by considering it as a part or instance of a broader concept. The etymology of 'subsume' effectively conveys the idea of taking something under or within a larger category or framework, emphasizing the act of incorporating it as a subordinate element. Whether subsuming individual cases into a general rule, subsuming smaller organizations into a larger entity, or subsuming specific ideas under a broader concept, this term underscores the concept of encompassing and integrating elements into a more comprehensive whole.

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Further usage examples of subsume

1. The law will subsume specific cases under general principles.
2. The proposal aims to subsume multiple departments into a single administrative unit.
3. The concept of sustainability can subsume economic, social, and environmental concerns.
4. The new policy will subsume all existing regulations.
5. The comprehensive report will subsume various research studies.
6. The philosophical framework will subsume different schools of thought.
7. The legislation seeks to subsume local laws under federal jurisdiction.
8. The revised curriculum will subsume additional subjects into the core curriculum.
9. The revised definition will subsume previously excluded categories.
10. The encyclopedia aims to subsume various disciplines into a single volume.
11. The new algorithm will subsume multiple computational techniques.
12. The comprehensive model will subsume individual hypotheses into a unified theory.
13. The interdisciplinary approach will subsume various academic disciplines.
14. The new policy aims to subsume smaller regulations for simplicity.
15. His ideas often subsume multiple perspectives to find common ground.
16. The encyclopedia seeks to subsume knowledge from various sources.
17. The overarching theme can subsume smaller subplots in a story.
18. To promote unity, the organization plans to subsume factions.
19. In science, theories often subsume facts into broader concepts.
20. The company's new product will subsume older models.
21. The treaty seeks to subsume regional agreements.
22. The artist's style can subsume influences from different eras.
23. The law will subsume individual cases into a comprehensive framework.
24. Her vision is to subsume diverse voices into a harmonious chorus.

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