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How to pronounce tactile (audio)

Dictionary definition of tactile

Connected with the sense of touch and the ability to perceive physical stimuli through the skin.
"The dress's fabric was designed to be tactile, with a soft and silky texture."

Detailed meaning of tactile

It is one of the five main senses and is responsible for allowing us to feel pressure, texture, temperature, and other sensations on our skin. The tactile system helps us to recognize and identify objects through touch, and also plays a crucial role in our sense of balance and body position. It is an important part of our survival as it helps us to avoid danger, such as hot surfaces or sharp edges, and to manipulate objects effectively. The tactile sense also contributes to our emotional and social experiences, such as the comfort of a hug or the thrill of touching something smooth and silky. Overall, the tactile sense is a vital aspect of our sensory experience and plays a crucial role in our daily lives.

Example sentences containing tactile

1. The tactile sensation of the soft blanket brought comfort.
2. She appreciated the tactile feedback of the keyboard.
3. The artist's work invited a tactile exploration.
4. The braille book allowed tactile reading for the blind.
5. Tactile interactions with nature are grounding.
6. The fabric's tactile quality was smooth and cool.

History and etymology of tactile

The adjective 'tactile' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'tactilis,' which is derived from 'tangere,' meaning 'to touch.' Therefore, the etymology of 'tactile' can be understood as something related to or connected with the sense of touch. This historical connection beautifully mirrors the essence of 'tactile,' as it is used to describe experiences, sensations, or stimuli that are perceived through the sense of touch and the skin's ability to feel physical contact. The word's origin underscores the importance of touch as a fundamental sense through which we interact with the physical world, making 'tactile' an appropriate term to convey the sense of touch and the sensory experiences associated with it.

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Further usage examples of tactile

1. Tactile puzzles engage the sense of touch.
2. The child explored the world through tactile play.
3. The massage therapist used tactile pressure for relaxation.
4. Tactile sensations in the sand were soothing.
5. Tactile learning aids are essential for some students.
6. Tactile contact with the pottery revealed its texture.
7. The tactile response of the touchscreen was precise.
8. Tactile feedback in gaming controllers enhances immersion.
9. The plant's leaves had a unique tactile quality.
10. The blind person relies on tactile cues for navigation.
11. Tactile exploration of the sculpture unveiled its form.
12. Tactile sensitivity is important in some professions.
13. Tactile sensations can evoke powerful memories.
14. The texture of the wood provided a tactile experience.
15. The sculpture was designed to be tactile, encouraging visitors to touch and explore it.
16. The artist's work was known for its tactile quality, using a variety of textures to create depth and interest.
17. The book's cover was designed to be tactile, with an embossed title and a rough, textured surface.
18. The phone's screen was designed to be more tactile, providing a more natural and responsive experience.
19. The new car's interior was designed to be more tactile, with high-quality materials and a comfortable layout.
20. The children's game was designed to be tactile, with colorful, soft, and textured pieces.
21. The installation was designed to be tactile, with different surfaces to explore and interact with.
22. The artwork was designed to be tactile, with a raised surface that can be felt by the blind.
23. The kitchen's countertop was designed to be tactile, with a rough surface that provides a good grip.
24. The fashion collection was designed to be tactile, with textures and fabrics that are pleasing to touch.
25. The garden's path was designed to be tactile, with different textures of stones and pebbles.



touchable, intangible, invisible, ethereal


SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 14, Sensory and Perception

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