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slowly, promptly, quickly, swiftly


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How to pronounce tardily (audio)


Dictionary definition of tardily

Done in a slow, delayed, or sluggish manner.
"The restaurant staff served the food tardily, leaving the customers hungry and impatient."

Detailed meaning of tardily

When something is done tardily, it suggests a lack of promptness, efficiency, or urgency. It conveys the idea of deliberate slowness or a failure to meet expected timelines or expectations. For example, if a person arrives at a meeting tardily, they are late and have not adhered to the expected schedule. Similarly, if a task is completed tardily, it implies a delay in its execution, potentially leading to frustration or a disruption of plans. The adverb 'tardily' emphasizes the sluggishness or lack of speed in which an action is carried out, highlighting the need for improvement in terms of timeliness and efficiency.

Example sentences containing tardily

1. The train arrived tardily at the station, causing passengers to miss their connecting flights.
2. The students submitted their assignments tardily, resulting in a deduction of marks.
3. The repairman arrived tardily to fix the broken appliance, prolonging the inconvenience for the homeowner.
4. The package was delivered tardily, causing the recipient to receive it much later than expected.
5. Despite the urgent deadline, the employee completed the task tardily, causing frustration among the team.
6. The bus driver drove tardily, causing delays in the morning commute.

History and etymology of tardily

The adverb 'tardily' is derived from the adjective 'tardy,' which has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'tardif,' meaning 'slow' or 'delayed.' This etymology effectively captures the essence of 'tardily' as an adverb describing actions or events done in a slow, delayed, or sluggish manner. It underscores the notion of tardiness, emphasizing a lack of promptness or swiftness in the completion of a task or the occurrence of an event. 'Tardily' serves as a linguistic reminder of the importance of timeliness and efficiency in various contexts, highlighting the opposite, which is a slow and procrastinated approach.

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Further usage examples of tardily

1. The professor graded the exams tardily, leaving the students anxious about their results.
2. The customer service representative responded to the complaint tardily, exacerbating the customer's dissatisfaction.
3. The musician began playing the piano tardily, disrupting the flow of the concert.
4. The construction project progressed tardily, leading to cost overruns and delays in completion.
5. The delivery driver navigated the streets tardily, resulting in several missed deliveries throughout the day.
6. He arrived tardily to the meeting due to heavy traffic.
7. The package was delivered tardily, causing frustration.
8. She completed the assignment tardily, missing the deadline.
9. The train pulled into the station tardily, inconveniencing commuters.
10. His response to the urgent email came tardily.
11. The repair service arrived tardily to fix the appliance.
12. The project progressed tardily due to unforeseen obstacles.
13. The bus departed the terminal tardily, causing delays.
14. She submitted her application tardily, risking rejection.
15. The payment was processed tardily, causing financial stress.
16. He apologized for arriving tardily to the social gathering.
17. The paperwork was handled tardily, leading to confusion.
18. The decision to evacuate was made tardily, endangering lives.
19. The restaurant served our meals tardily, disappointing diners.
20. The snowplows cleared the roads tardily after the blizzard.
21. His tardily issued warning led to a preventable accident.
22. The software update downloaded tardily, testing patience.
23. The response from customer support came tardily.
24. The flowers bloomed tardily this year due to cold weather.
25. The company addressed the customer complaint tardily.

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