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How to pronounce tardiness (audio)


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Dictionary definition of tardiness

The quality or state of being late or delayed, particularly in terms of punctuality or meeting established schedules, appointments, or deadlines.
"Tardiness was not tolerated in the strict military academy."

Detailed meaning of tardiness

Tardiness can apply to individuals, events, or processes that do not commence or occur at the expected or designated time. It often implies a failure to manage time effectively or a lack of consideration for others who rely on timeliness. Tardiness can have various consequences, including disruptions to plans, reduced productivity, and strained relationships. Consequently, punctuality is highly valued in many aspects of life, as it demonstrates respect for others' time and a commitment to fulfilling commitments and obligations in a timely manner.

Example sentences containing tardiness

1. Her chronic tardiness became a source of frustration.
2. The boss addressed the team's chronic tardiness issue.
3. Tardiness can negatively impact your professional image.
4. The school has a strict policy against student tardiness.
5. His consistent tardiness raised concerns about reliability.
6. Punctuality is essential; avoid habitual tardiness.

History and etymology of tardiness

The noun 'tardiness' has its roots in the Middle English word 'tardive,' which was derived from the Old French word 'tardif,' meaning 'slow' or 'delayed.' 'Tardive' and 'tardif' both conveyed the sense of slowness or being behind schedule. Over time, 'tardiness' emerged as a noun form to describe the quality or state of being late or delayed, especially concerning punctuality or meeting established schedules, appointments, or deadlines. 'Tardiness' emphasizes the idea of lagging behind or not keeping pace with expected time frames, highlighting the failure to meet time-related expectations. The etymology of 'tardiness' underscores the historical association between slowness and the concept of being late or delayed.

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Further usage examples of tardiness

1. Chronic tardiness may result in disciplinary action.
2. The teacher noted the student's frequent tardiness.
3. Tardiness disrupted the flow of the meeting.
4. Lateness and tardiness are not tolerated here.
5. Tardiness can affect your academic performance.
6. The policy aims to reduce employee tardiness.
7. A pattern of tardiness may lead to lost opportunities.
8. Her explanation for the tardiness was unconvincing.
9. Tardiness can impact your chances for promotions.
10. The manager addressed the issue of team tardiness.
11. Chronic tardiness may result in a loss of privileges.
12. Punctuality helps to avoid the problem of tardiness.
13. The employee's tardiness was affecting team morale.
14. The employee's tardiness was a consistent problem that needed to be addressed.
15. The tardiness of the train caused many passengers to miss their connections.
16. His continued tardiness at work is likely to result in disciplinary action.
17. The teacher's tardiness in starting class was a constant source of frustration for the students.
18. His tardiness in submitting the report resulted in a delay in the project's completion.
19. The tardiness of the delivery caused a backlog in the production line.
20. Tardiness is considered a sign of disrespect in many cultures.
21. The tardiness of the guests caused the host to delay dinner.
22. The tardiness of the band's arrival caused a delay in the start of the concert.
23. The employee's tardiness was a recurring issue that affected productivity.
24. The tardiness of the bus caused many commuters to be late for work.
25. The tardiness of the flight caused passengers to miss their connecting flights.



lateness, punctuality, promptness, timeliness


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