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platform, valley, depression, trough


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How to pronounce terrace (audio)


Dictionary definition of terrace

A raised, flat platform or open area that is typically attached to a building or located on the ground level of a structure.
"The hotel's rooftop terrace offered breathtaking views of the city skyline."

Detailed meaning of terrace

It is characterized by its horizontal surface and is often designed for outdoor living, relaxation, or recreational purposes. Terraces can be found in various settings, including residential buildings, hotels, restaurants, and gardens. They provide a space for people to enjoy outdoor activities, such as dining, socializing, or simply appreciating the surrounding views. Terraces are commonly adorned with furniture, plants, and decorative elements to enhance their aesthetic appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether overlooking a bustling cityscape, a scenic landscape, or a serene garden, terraces offer a unique blend of indoor and outdoor living, providing a versatile and enjoyable space for individuals to unwind and connect with their surroundings.

Example sentences containing terrace

1. We enjoyed a romantic dinner on the restaurant's outdoor terrace.
2. The homeowner transformed the backyard into a beautiful garden terrace.
3. The café set up tables and chairs on the sidewalk terrace for al fresco dining.
4. The apartment building had a communal terrace where residents could relax and socialize.
5. The resort's pool area featured a spacious sun terrace for lounging and sunbathing.
6. The architect designed a multi-level terrace that cascaded down the hillside.

History and etymology of terrace

The noun 'terrace' has an etymology rooted in Latin and Old French. It originates from the Latin word 'terra,' which means 'earth' or 'land,' and in Old French, it evolved into 'terrasse,' referring to a raised, flat platform or open area. This etymology perfectly captures the essence of a 'terrace' as a constructed or natural feature that provides a level space on which people can gather, relax, or enjoy outdoor activities. Whether attached to a building or built into the landscape, 'terraces' often offer scenic views and pleasant environments for various purposes, making them a common architectural and landscaping element.

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Further usage examples of terrace

1. The villa boasted a private terrace overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.
2. We sat on the terrace, sipping our morning coffee and enjoying the gentle breeze.
3. The office building had a terrace on the top floor, which served as a recreational area for employees.
4. The museum's sculpture garden included a serene terrace with sculptures scattered throughout.
5. The restaurant's terrace was the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely brunch on a sunny day.
6. The restaurant's terrace offers stunning views of the city.
7. Their home features a spacious rooftop terrace.
8. We enjoyed a quiet evening on the garden terrace.
9. The hotel has a beautiful terrace overlooking the ocean.
10. The sunbathers gathered on the hotel's poolside terrace.
11. A cozy terrace is perfect for morning coffee.
12. The penthouse boasts a private terrace with a hot tub.
13. Our apartment has a small, flower-filled terrace.
14. A charming terrace connects the house to the garden.
15. The outdoor terrace is ideal for hosting parties.
16. The café's terrace is a popular spot for brunch.
17. We planted herbs on the kitchen terrace for cooking.
18. The terrace is adorned with colorful potted plants.
19. The old mansion has an elegant wraparound terrace.
20. Their backyard has a spacious wooden terrace.
21. We watched the sunset from the seaside terrace.
22. The vineyard has a wine-tasting terrace for visitors.
23. We often dine al fresco on the terrace.
24. A small terrace off the bedroom provides privacy.
25. The terrace is a tranquil place to read and relax.

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