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How to pronounce terrible (audio)

Dictionary definition of terrible

Of extremely poor or low quality, or something that causes great distress, fear, or unhappiness.
"The movie received terrible reviews from critics and audiences alike."

Detailed meaning of terrible

It is a word often used to express strong negativity or a sense of extreme dissatisfaction. When referring to the quality or state of something, "terrible" indicates that it is very bad, unsatisfactory, or substandard. For example, a terrible movie may have a weak plot, poor acting, or low production value. On the other hand, when used to describe an event, experience, or situation, "terrible" conveys a sense of extreme unpleasantness, sorrow, or pain. It emphasizes the gravity or seriousness of the situation, such as a terrible accident, a terrible loss, or a terrible tragedy. Overall, "terrible" is an adjective that conveys strong negative emotions or indicates a significant lack of quality or satisfaction.

Example sentences containing terrible

1. The food at that restaurant was terrible—I couldn't even finish my meal.
2. It was a terrible storm, with heavy rain and strong winds.
3. She had a terrible headache that lasted the entire day.
4. I had a terrible nightmare last night that left me feeling scared and unsettled.
5. The car accident was a terrible tragedy, resulting in multiple fatalities.
6. The team had a terrible performance and lost the game by a wide margin.

History and etymology of terrible

The adjective 'terrible' has a rich etymological history. It originates from the Latin word 'terribilis,' which is derived from 'terrere,' meaning 'to frighten' or 'to terrify.' In its early usage, 'terrible' was primarily associated with causing great fear or dread. Over time, its meaning expanded to include something of extremely poor or low quality, likely due to the distress or unhappiness it could cause. This dual evolution in meaning reflects the complex nature of the word 'terrible,' capturing both the notions of fear and extreme disappointment or displeasure, making it a versatile term that conveys strong negative emotions or judgments.

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Further usage examples of terrible

1. I made a terrible mistake on the test and ended up with a low grade.
2. The customer service at that store was terrible—no one was willing to help.
3. The singer had a terrible voice and struggled to hit the right notes.
4. I had a terrible experience with that airline—my flight was delayed, and my luggage got lost.
5. The terrible news of his sudden passing left everyone in shock and grief.
6. The terrible storm left a path of destruction in its wake.
7. Her cooking skills were so terrible that nobody dared to eat her food.
8. The movie received terrible reviews from critics and audiences alike.
9. I had a terrible experience with customer service at that store.
10. The terrible traffic made me late for my important meeting.
11. The news of the accident was truly terrible and heartbreaking.
12. The terrible smell coming from the garbage bin was unbearable.
13. His terrible sense of direction always got us lost.
14. The terrible loss of a loved one is something we never forget.
15. The terrible weather ruined our outdoor picnic plans.
16. The terrible noise from the construction site kept us up all night.
17. The terrible mistake cost the company millions of dollars.
18. The terrible flu outbreak led to many people getting sick.
19. Her terrible singing voice made everyone cringe.
20. The terrible condition of the old house was beyond repair.
21. The terrible misunderstanding caused a rift between friends.
22. The terrible accident left a lasting scar on his face.
23. The terrible news of the earthquake shook the entire city.
24. The terrible decision to invest in that stock resulted in huge losses.
25. The terrible odor in the basement was a mystery to be solved.



awful, wonderful, excellent, great


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