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How to pronounce thermal (audio)


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Dictionary definition of thermal

Relating to heat or temperature.
"The thermal imaging camera allowed them to detect heat signatures in complete darkness."

Detailed meaning of thermal

It describes phenomena, substances, or properties that are associated with the transfer, generation, or regulation of heat. When something is described as thermal, it pertains to thermal energy or thermal dynamics. It can be used to characterize the behavior of substances or materials in response to changes in temperature. For example, thermal expansion refers to the increase in size or volume of an object as it is heated. Additionally, thermal conductivity refers to the ability of a material to conduct heat. Thermal also describes clothing or equipment designed to provide insulation and regulate body temperature, such as thermal blankets, thermal clothing, or thermal insulation. This term is commonly used in the context of physics, engineering, and meteorology to describe the thermal properties and processes involved in heat transfer and thermal equilibrium.

Example sentences containing thermal

1. The thermal blanket kept them warm in the freezing cold.
2. The thermal energy of the volcano could power a city.
3. We installed thermal insulation to conserve energy.
4. The thermal camera detected heat signatures in the dark.
5. She wore thermal socks to keep her feet cozy in winter.
6. The thermal spring provided a relaxing, warm soak.

History and etymology of thermal

The adjective 'thermal' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'thermos,' which means 'hot' or 'warm.' This etymology effectively captures the essence of 'thermal' as something relating to heat or temperature. Whether describing thermal energy, thermal imaging, or thermal clothing, this term underscores the connection between the concept of warmth or heat and the various contexts in which it is applied. 'Thermal' plays a significant role in the realm of science and technology, particularly in fields related to the study and manipulation of heat and temperature, highlighting its relevance in understanding and harnessing this fundamental aspect of our physical world.

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Further usage examples of thermal

1. The thermal properties of the material made it ideal for the experiment.
2. Thermal expansion caused the metal to bend under heat.
3. The thermal imaging device revealed hidden heat sources.
4. The thermal conductivity of the material made it an excellent heat sink.
5. They huddled around the thermal vent to stay warm.
6. The thermal dynamics of the weather system were unpredictable.
7. Thermal radiation from the sun warms the Earth's surface.
8. The thermal efficiency of the furnace was impressive.
9. Thermal shock can cause materials to break under rapid temperature changes.
10. The thermal gradient in the desert made daytime scorching and nights freezing.
11. The thermal sensor alerted us to a potential fire hazard.
12. Thermal underwear helped them survive the frigid expedition.
13. The thermal expansion joint allowed the bridge to withstand temperature changes.
14. Thermal comfort in buildings relies on effective HVAC systems.
15. They wore thermal jackets to stay warm in the freezing temperatures.
16. The thermal conductivity of the metal made it an excellent heat conductor.
17. The thermal expansion of the bridge caused it to expand in the summer heat.
18. The thermal power plant generated electricity using steam produced from heated water.
19. The thermal insulation in the building helped to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
20. They enjoyed a relaxing soak in the thermal hot springs.
21. The thermal properties of the material made it suitable for high-temperature applications.
22. The thermal energy of the sun was harnessed through solar panels to power the house.
23. The thermal printer quickly produced high-quality, heat-sensitive prints.
24. The thermal blanket provided warmth and comfort during the chilly night.
25. The thermal reactor reached temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius.



hot, cold, icy, frigid


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