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How to pronounce threads (audio)

Dictionary definition of threads

The individual fibers or strands that make up the fabric.
"The tailor skillfully stitched the threads together to create a seamless garment."

Detailed meaning of threads

These threads are intertwined or woven together to create textiles used for garments, linens, and other textile products. The quality and composition of the threads greatly impact the overall strength, durability, and appearance of the fabric. Threads can be made from natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, or linen, or from synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, or rayon. The threads used in clothing production are carefully selected based on factors like desired texture, breathability, stretch, and color retention. They are often subjected to various processes such as spinning, dyeing, and finishing to enhance their performance and aesthetic qualities. The interplay of different threads in the fabric contributes to its structure, drape, and tactile feel, ultimately shaping the comfort and style of the finished clothing item.

Example sentences containing threads

1. The delicate threads of the lace dress added an elegant touch to the design.
2. She carefully inspected the fabric, ensuring there were no loose threads or imperfections.
3. The intricate embroidery featured metallic threads that shimmered in the light.
4. The threads of the sweater were tightly knit, providing warmth and insulation.
5. The designer carefully selected threads of different colors to create a unique pattern on the fabric.
6. She used a needle and thread to mend the small tear in her favorite jeans.

History and etymology of threads

The noun 'threads' has an etymology rooted in Old English and Germanic languages. It traces its origins to the Old English word 'þrǣd,' which means 'a fine cord' or 'a fiber.' This etymology beautifully captures the essence of 'threads' as the individual fibers or strands that make up a fabric, textile, or any woven material. 'Threads' signify the smallest components of a textile, highlighting their slender and elongated nature. The term underscores the importance of these fine strands in the creation of textiles, symbolizing the interconnectedness and interweaving of countless fibers to form the rich tapestry of fabrics used in clothing, textiles, and various other applications.

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Further usage examples of threads

1. The silk blouse had delicate threads that gave it a luxurious and soft texture.
2. The pattern on the fabric was composed of interwoven threads in vibrant hues.
3. The tailor used contrasting threads to create decorative topstitching on the jacket.
4. The sewing machine effortlessly stitched the threads together, creating a neat and durable seam.
5. The threads used in the production of the dress were of high quality, ensuring its longevity and durability.
6. She carefully wove colorful threads into a beautiful tapestry.
7. The tailor selected the finest threads for the bespoke suit.
8. Tiny threads held the delicate fabric together.
9. The intricate design was created using golden threads.
10. Loose threads on the sweater needed to be trimmed.
11. The rug's threads were expertly dyed by hand.
12. Silk threads were used to embroider the elegant gown.
13. Ancient looms were used to create threads for textiles.
14. She spun the threads into a strong and durable rope.
15. The artist's canvas was a network of intersecting threads.
16. The old quilt was a patchwork of different-colored threads.
17. The spider's web glistened with dew on the delicate threads.
18. Silver threads adorned the edges of the antique mirror.
19. He marveled at the intricacy of the lace's delicate threads.
20. The seamstress meticulously matched the threads for the repair.
21. The weaver's skilled hands transformed threads into art.
22. Multicolored threads hung from the craft store's shelves.
23. Threads of fate intertwine in mysterious ways.
24. The tapestry depicted a landscape with vibrant threads.
25. Loose threads dangled from the frayed fabric.



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