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How to pronounce triage (audio)

Dictionary definition of triage

The process of sorting or prioritizing patients based on the severity of their medical condition.
"The triage nurse quickly assessed the severity of the patient's symptoms."

Detailed meaning of triage

Triage is a crucial component of emergency medicine and disaster response, as it helps medical professionals quickly identify and treat the most critical cases first. During triage, patients are typically evaluated based on a variety of factors, including their vital signs, symptoms, and medical history, as well as the nature and severity of their injuries or illness. The results of this evaluation help determine the appropriate level of care and urgency of treatment needed for each patient. Triage is a critical process in the healthcare system, as it allows medical professionals to provide the best possible care to the greatest number of patients in a timely and effective manner.

Example sentences containing triage

1. The ER nurses conducted triage to prioritize incoming patients.
2. During the disaster, triage was essential to allocate resources.
3. The doctor used a triage system to manage the crowded clinic.
4. Triage helps ensure that critical cases receive immediate attention.
5. The triage nurse assessed the urgency of each patient's needs.
6. The hospital implemented a triage protocol during flu outbreaks.

History and etymology of triage

The noun 'triage' has an etymology that dates back to French military medicine in the early 19th century. It is derived from the French word 'trier,' meaning 'to sort' or 'to select.' During times of war and medical emergencies, the French military employed a system of sorting wounded soldiers to determine the priority of medical treatment. This system came to be known as 'triage.' Over time, the term was adopted into English to describe the process of sorting or prioritizing patients based on the severity of their medical condition, ensuring that those in the most critical need receive immediate attention. The etymology of 'triage' thus highlights its historical association with the sorting and selection of individuals in urgent medical situations, emphasizing the critical importance of efficient prioritization in healthcare settings.

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Further usage examples of triage

1. In wartime, medics perform battlefield triage to save lives.
2. The disaster response team practiced mass casualty triage.
3. Effective triage minimizes wait times for emergency care.
4. The paramedics followed a triage protocol at the accident scene.
5. The overwhelmed clinic relied on a triage system for efficiency.
6. Triage is crucial in resource-limited healthcare settings.
7. Nurses play a key role in the triage process in busy hospitals.
8. Triage decisions are based on medical urgency and severity.
9. Triage helps ensure that the most critical patients are seen first.
10. The hospital established a triage center during the epidemic.
11. Triage training is essential for emergency responders.
12. The disaster relief team conducted triage in the field hospital.
13. Efficient triage prevents bottlenecks in emergency departments.
14. Triage protocols are vital for managing patient flow in crises.
15. The emergency room is often crowded with patients waiting for triage.
16. During a mass casualty event, triage helps prioritize medical care.
17. The triage process involves evaluating patients based on their medical condition.
18. Triage is an essential component of disaster response.
19. The hospital uses a color-coded triage system to prioritize patients.
20. The triage team quickly identified the critically injured patients.
21. Triage helps allocate medical resources efficiently.
22. The triage process can be stressful for both patients and healthcare workers.
23. Triage is necessary to provide the best possible care to the most critical patients.
24. The triage nurse coordinates with other medical professionals to ensure timely treatment.
25. Triage helps prevent delays in medical care and improves patient outcomes.



prioritization, neglect, disregard, confusion


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