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How to pronounce tumultuous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of tumultuous

Characterized by chaos, disorder, or upheaval, often involving noisy and violent commotion.
"The tumultuous sound of the explosion echoed across the city."

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Detailed meaning of tumultuous

When a situation, period, or event is described as tumultuous, it implies a state of turbulence, unrest, or intense activity marked by emotional or physical upheaval. This term is frequently used to depict times of political upheaval, social revolutions, or personal crises that are marked by disorder and upheaval. "Tumultuous" conveys a sense of turmoil and instability, often emphasizing the frenzied and disruptive nature of the circumstances at hand. It can also describe emotional experiences or relationships that are characterized by intense and turbulent emotions.

Example sentences containing tumultuous

1. The crowd let out a tumultuous cheer as the band took the stage.
2. After a tumultuous week, I desperately needed a peaceful weekend.
3. We lived through a tumultuous period of political unrest in our country.
4. Their tumultuous relationship was well known throughout the neighborhood.
5. My heart was beating in a tumultuous rhythm, a consequence of my anxiety.
6. The meeting ended in a tumultuous uproar, with everyone shouting their opinions.

History and etymology of tumultuous

The adjective 'tumultuous' has its origins in the Latin word 'tumultus,' which means 'uproar,' 'commotion,' or 'disorder.' It entered the English language in the late 16th century. 'Tumultuous' is used to characterize a situation or event that is marked by chaos, disorder, or upheaval, often involving noisy and violent commotion. The etymology of 'tumultuous' effectively conveys the idea of a tumultuous event being one in which there is a significant disturbance or disruption, much like the uproar and clamor associated with a riot or rebellion. Whether used to describe a tumultuous protest, a tumultuous relationship, or a tumultuous period in history, this term vividly portrays a scene of disorder and upheaval.

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Further usage examples of tumultuous

1. The first day of school is always a tumultuous blend of excitement and nerves.
2. After a tumultuous storm last night, the town was a mess of fallen trees and debris.
3. My tumultuous emotions made it hard for me to think clearly.
4. The stock market had a tumultuous year, with frequent and unpredictable ups and downs.
5. His tumultuous past was a mystery to everyone in the small town.
6. After a tumultuous journey, we were relieved to finally arrive home.
7. The market displayed tumultuous activity following the unexpected news.
8. The sky presented a tumultuous scene, with dark clouds rolling and lightning flashing.
9. Her tumultuous laughter filled the room, making everyone else laugh too.
10. The tumultuous waves warned of the approaching storm.
11. She dove headfirst into the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship.
12. The tumultuous applause rang out as the curtain fell on the final act.
13. His thoughts were a tumultuous whirlwind of fear and uncertainty.
14. She bravely navigated the tumultuous waters of the family feud.
15. The tumultuous crowd caused chaos in the streets.
16. The stock market experienced a tumultuous week due to trade tensions and economic uncertainties.
17. The tumultuous storm destroyed several homes in the small town.
18. The meeting was tumultuous, with shouting and arguments breaking out between the members.
19. The young woman was caught in the midst of a tumultuous love triangle.
20. The country was in the midst of a tumultuous revolution, with demonstrations and protests taking place daily.
21. The ocean was tumultuous, with huge waves crashing against the shore.
22. The lecture was disrupted by a tumultuous outburst from a disgruntled student.
23. The tumultuous skies reflected the tumultuous emotions inside the young man's heart.
24. The tumultuous crowd surged forward, eager for a glimpse of the celebrity.
25. The company was facing a tumultuous year, with profits plummeting and employee morale low.
26. The relationship was tumultuous, with constant arguments and reconciliation.



stormy, peaceful, calm, serene


Noise and Turmoil, Chaos and Disorder, Chaos and Conflict, Fear and Ferocity, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Energy and Vitality, Chaos and Confusion

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