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How to pronounce twist (audio)

Dictionary definition of twist

To rotate or turn something forcefully or in a way that causes it to change its original shape, position, or direction.
"The plot of the movie begins to twist in unexpected ways, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats."

Detailed meaning of twist

It involves applying torque or pressure to create a spiral or coiling motion. When something is twisted, it undergoes a physical deformation or contortion, often resulting in a new form or arrangement. The action of twisting can be deliberate or unintentional, and it can be done with hands, tools, or other means. Twist can also describe the act of distorting or distorting the truth, adding a sense of manipulation or deceit. The verb can be used to describe the movement or manipulation of objects, body parts, fabrics, stories, or ideas, introducing a sense of tension, complexity, or unexpectedness to the situation at hand.

Example sentences containing twist

1. As he solves the Rubik's Cube, his fingers twist and turn the colorful blocks with ease.
2. The gymnast's body seems to twist in mid-air as she performs her routine.
3. Carefully, she began to twist the lid off the jar of pickles.
4. When they reached the mountain path, the road began to twist and wind through the trees.
5. The dancer’s graceful arms twist in the air as she moves across the stage.
6. As the storm approached, the wind started to twist the branches of the old oak.

History and etymology of twist

The verb 'twist' has its origins in the Middle English word 'twisten,' which can be traced back to the Old English word 'twist,' meaning a rope or cord. The connection lies in the action of twisting fibers to create a rope. Over time, 'twisten' evolved to encompass the act of rotating or turning something forcefully, causing it to change its original shape, position, or direction. This transformation reflects the fundamental concept of 'twisting' as a rotational movement that imparts a change. Whether applied to physical objects, stories, or situations, 'twist' continues to represent the act of imparting a new, often unexpected, direction or form to something.

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Further usage examples of twist

1. If you twist the knob, the volume on the stereo will increase.
2. In a strange twist of fate, he found his lost wallet at the police station.
3. During the magic trick, the magician made the handkerchief twist and dance in midair.
4. The puppy loves to twist and wriggle when he is excited.
5. She managed to twist the piece of wire into a beautiful piece of jewelry.
6. She had to twist the stubborn jar lid to open it.
7. He tried to twist the doorknob, but it was stuck.
8. The gymnast can twist her body in incredible ways.
9. The tornado's winds can twist trees like toothpicks.
10. Please twist the knob to adjust the volume.
11. I need to twist the wires together for a secure connection.
12. He attempted to twist the puzzle pieces into place.
13. The dancer can twist and contort with grace.
14. The road ahead started to twist and wind through the mountains.
15. She watched the acrobat twist and flip in the air.
16. The mechanic had to twist the bolts to tighten them.
17. He used pliers to twist the metal into a new shape.
18. The plot of the movie will twist and surprise you.
19. The river would twist and turn through the valley.
20. She had to twist her body to reach the top shelf.
21. The vines would twist around the trellis as they grew.
22. The detective tried to twist the truth from the suspect.
23. The roller coaster would twist and loop in thrilling ways.
24. I had to twist the steering wheel to make the turn.
25. The magician can twist reality with his illusions.



contort, straighten, align, untwist


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