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How to pronounce unapproachable (audio)

Dictionary definition of unapproachable

Difficult or intimidating to approach, interact with, or engage in a friendly or informal manner.
"The boss's unapproachable demeanor created a tense work environment."

Detailed meaning of unapproachable

An unapproachable individual may display an aloof or cold attitude, creating a barrier that discourages others from initiating conversation or seeking their company. Their behavior or demeanor may convey a sense of distance, superiority, or unavailability, making it challenging for others to establish a connection or establish rapport. An unapproachable atmosphere or environment may also refer to a situation where there are significant barriers or obstacles preventing easy access or interaction. This term underscores the difficulty or reluctance encountered when attempting to engage with someone or access a particular situation due to perceived inaccessibility, unresponsiveness, or a lack of openness.

Example sentences containing unapproachable

1. Her stern expression made her seem unapproachable to others.
2. The mansion's high walls and security guards made it appear unapproachable to outsiders.
3. The celebrity's entourage made her seem unapproachable to fans.
4. His unapproachable attitude prevented anyone from asking him for help.
5. The professor's unapproachable nature discouraged students from seeking clarification.
6. The unapproachable supervisor rarely interacted with the team members.

History and etymology of unapproachable

The adjective 'unapproachable' can be dissected into its root word, 'approachable.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is utilized to negate or reverse the characteristic of being 'approachable.' 'Approachable' has its origins in the Middle English word 'approchen,' which is derived from the Old French 'aprochier,' meaning 'to come near.' Both 'aprochier' and 'approchen' trace their roots back to the Latin 'appropiare,' composed of 'ad-' (meaning 'towards') and 'prope' (meaning 'near'). Over time, 'approachable' evolved in the English language to describe something easy or open to friendly or informal interaction. Consequently, 'unapproachable' indicates the difficulty or intimidation in approaching, interacting with, or engaging with something or someone in a friendly or informal manner, with its etymology deeply grounded in the historical development of 'approachable.'

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Further usage examples of unapproachable

1. The unapproachable aura of the exclusive club deterred many from attempting to gain entry.
2. The unapproachable mountain peak was deemed unconquerable by climbers.
3. The politician's unapproachable image made it difficult for constituents to voice their concerns.
4. The unapproachable security guard denied entry to anyone without proper credentials.
5. The unapproachable receptionist gave curt responses, making visitors feel unwelcome.
6. His stern demeanor made him seem unapproachable to his colleagues.
7. The security guard appeared unapproachable but was quite friendly.
8. Her unapproachable attitude hindered team collaboration.
9. The CEO's office felt unapproachable to most employees.
10. The professor's reputation as tough made him seem unapproachable.
11. She tried to appear confident but came across as unapproachable.
12. The fortress was so imposing that it looked unapproachable.
13. His aloofness made him seem unapproachable in social situations.
14. The celebrity seemed unapproachable in the bustling crowd.
15. The manager's unapproachable demeanor discouraged feedback.
16. The manager appeared unapproachable during the staff meeting.
17. The politician's bodyguards made her appear unapproachable.
18. His constant scowl made him seem unapproachable to classmates.
19. The director's busy schedule made her seem unapproachable.
20. The professor's unapproachable aura intimidated students.
21. Her unapproachable facade hid a kind-hearted personality.
22. The dark, brooding character seemed unapproachable.
23. The strict rules made the principal seem unapproachable.
24. The coworker's unapproachable attitude hindered teamwork.
25. The executive's reserved demeanor made him appear unapproachable.



inaccessible, welcoming, approachable, friendly


Challenges and Difficulties, Danger and Threat, Demanding and Challenging, Adversity and Obstacle, Discomfort and Distress

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