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How to pronounce unbiased (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unbiased

Impartial, fair, and free from prejudice or favoritism.
"The journalist presented an unbiased report, providing equal coverage to all sides of the story."


Detailed meaning of unbiased

When someone or something is unbiased, they approach a situation, decision, or judgment with an objective and neutral perspective, without allowing personal opinions, preferences, or external influences to sway their viewpoint. An unbiased individual or source of information strives to consider all relevant facts, evidence, and perspectives before forming an opinion or making a judgment. They are open-minded and willing to examine different sides of an argument, valuing rationality and objectivity over personal biases or preconceived notions. Being unbiased is crucial in areas such as journalism, scientific research, and legal proceedings, where an objective assessment is essential for accurate reporting, valid conclusions, and a fair and just outcome.

Example sentences containing unbiased

1. The judge ensured an unbiased trial by meticulously considering all evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense.
2. The professor graded the essays with an unbiased approach, focusing solely on the quality of the arguments.
3. The unbiased survey collected data from a diverse range of participants to obtain a comprehensive understanding of public opinion.
4. The news anchor's unbiased presentation of the news earned them a reputation for trustworthiness.
5. The scientific study was conducted with an unbiased methodology, eliminating potential sources of bias.
6. The committee members approached the decision-making process with unbiased minds, carefully weighing all relevant factors.

History and etymology of unbiased

The adjective 'unbiased' can be deconstructed into its root word, 'biased.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the quality of being 'biased.' 'Biased' has its origins in the past participle of the Middle English word 'bien,' which means 'to bend' or 'to incline.' Over time, 'biased' evolved to describe a predisposition or inclination towards a particular viewpoint, often at the expense of impartiality. Therefore, 'unbiased' signifies the absence of such predisposition, indicating impartiality, fairness, and freedom from prejudice or favoritism, with its etymology deeply rooted in the historical development of 'biased.'

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Further usage examples of unbiased

1. The review website prided itself on providing unbiased evaluations of products and services.
2. The hiring manager interviewed candidates with an unbiased perspective, evaluating their qualifications and skills objectively.
3. The political analyst provided an unbiased analysis of the election results, offering insights without personal biases.
4. The teacher encouraged students to engage in unbiased discussions, respecting diverse viewpoints.
5. The research findings were published in an unbiased journal, known for its rigorous peer-review process.
6. An unbiased jury delivered a fair verdict in the trial.
7. The unbiased referee made crucial decisions in the game.
8. Her unbiased analysis of the data led to insightful conclusions.
9. We need an unbiased perspective to resolve this dispute.
10. The newspaper strives to provide unbiased news coverage.
11. It's essential to have an unbiased mediator in this negotiation.
12. An unbiased review of the evidence is required for justice.
13. The committee needs to be completely unbiased in its decision.
14. The teacher graded the essays with an unbiased approach.
15. Her unbiased feedback helped improve the project significantly.
16. An unbiased assessment of his skills revealed his true potential.
17. The judge was known for being consistently unbiased.
18. To reach a fair compromise, we need an unbiased mediator.
19. The journalist's unbiased reporting earned her respect.
20. We rely on unbiased scientific research for accurate information.
21. The panel of experts provided an unbiased evaluation.
22. The coach's unbiased evaluations strengthened the team.
23. The committee members must remain unbiased in their deliberations.
24. An unbiased approach is crucial in solving complex problems.
25. She was chosen for her unbiased judgment and integrity.



impartial, biased, prejudiced, partial


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