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How to pronounce uncover (audio)


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Dictionary definition of uncover

To reveal or discover something that was previously hidden, concealed, or unknown.
"The archaeologists carefully brushed away the dirt to uncover the ancient artifacts buried beneath."

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Detailed meaning of uncover

It involves removing a layer of secrecy, obscurity, or ignorance to bring to light or expose the truth, information, or facts that were hidden or not readily apparent. When we uncover something, we delve beneath the surface, investigate diligently, or explore further to unveil what was hidden from view. Uncovering often involves a process of uncovering layers, peeling back the metaphorical veil, or unearthing the hidden aspects of a situation, event, or object. Whether it's uncovering a mystery, uncovering the truth, or uncovering a secret, this verb denotes the act of bringing hidden or obscured elements into the open, expanding our knowledge or understanding, and revealing what was previously concealed.

Example sentences containing uncover

1. The detective worked tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance.
2. With each interview, the journalist hoped to uncover the corruption within the government.
3. The researcher conducted experiments to uncover the hidden potential of the new drug.
4. After years of searching, the historian finally uncovered a lost manuscript from the Renaissance era.
5. The hacker managed to uncover sensitive information from the company's database.
6. The documentary aimed to uncover the dark secrets of the entertainment industry.

History and etymology of uncover

The verb 'uncover' can be examined by breaking it down into its root word, 'cover.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to reverse or negate the action of 'cover.' 'Cover' has its origins in the Old English word 'cuvor,' which means 'a covering' or 'a shelter.' It is related to the Proto-Germanic 'kubra' and shares ancestry with words like 'covert' and 'cove.' Over time, 'cover' evolved in the English language to describe the act of concealing or providing a shield. Consequently, 'uncover' signifies the opposite, referring to the act of revealing or discovering something that was previously hidden, concealed, or unknown. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'cover' and its association with concealing or sheltering.

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Further usage examples of uncover

1. The journalist's investigative reporting helped uncover a major financial scandal.
2. The teacher used interactive activities to help students uncover their creativity.
3. The scientist used advanced technology to uncover the mysteries of deep space.
4. The therapist encouraged her clients to uncover the root causes of their emotional struggles.
5. The team of forensic experts worked together to uncover the truth about the crime scene.
6. She hoped to uncover the truth about her family's mysterious past.
7. The archaeologist used a brush to gently uncover ancient artifacts.
8. As he dug deeper, he began to uncover a hidden treasure chest.
9. The detective worked tirelessly to uncover the identity of the killer.
10. The journalist's investigation helped uncover corruption in the government.
11. With each layer of paint removed, they would uncover the original mural.
12. The scientist's research helped uncover a groundbreaking medical breakthrough.
13. The hacker managed to uncover sensitive information from the database.
14. Her memoirs would finally uncover the secrets of her tumultuous life.
15. The explorers were eager to uncover the lost city in the jungle.
16. The whistleblower's evidence would uncover corporate fraud.
17. The documentary aimed to uncover the hidden history of the town.
18. The journalist's persistence paid off when she could uncover the scandal.
19. The magician's trick was designed to slowly uncover the hidden card.
20. The codebreaker worked diligently to uncover the encrypted message.
21. The expedition's goal was to uncover the mysteries of the deep ocean.
22. After years of research, they were able to uncover the cure for the disease.
23. The hackers attempted to uncover the CEO's private email correspondence.
24. The author's novel would uncover the dark secrets of the small town.
25. Using satellite imagery, they hoped to uncover the lost ancient ruins.



reveal, conceal, hide, cover


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