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How to pronounce urban (audio)

Dictionary definition of urban

Pertaining to characteristics, activities, or features associated with cities or densely populated areas.
"Urban living can be expensive due to the high demand for housing and amenities."

Detailed meaning of urban

Urban areas are typically marked by a concentration of human population, infrastructure, and development, including buildings, transportation networks, and cultural amenities. Urban environments often contrast with rural or suburban settings, as they are characterized by higher population densities, greater access to services, and increased economic and social interactions. The term "urban" can describe various aspects of city life, such as urban planning, urban culture, urban development, or urban challenges like traffic congestion and pollution. Urbanization is a global trend as more people around the world move to cities, making the study and management of urban environments crucial in addressing contemporary societal and environmental issues.

Example sentences containing urban

1. Urban sprawl often results in increased traffic congestion and pollution.
2. Urban architecture showcases innovative design and skyscrapers.
3. The urban lifestyle is fast-paced and bustling with activity.
4. Urban planning plays a crucial role in city development.
5. Urban areas offer a wide range of cultural experiences.
6. Urbanization leads to a higher demand for public transportation.

History and etymology of urban

The adjective 'urban' has its etymological origins in Latin. It stems from the Latin word 'urbanus,' which is derived from 'urbs,' meaning 'city.' In Latin, 'urbanus' pertained to anything related to the city or characteristics, activities, and features associated with urban areas. Over time, as Latin influenced the development of the English language, 'urban' was adopted to describe things or phenomena connected to cities or densely populated areas. The etymology of 'urban' underscores its fundamental connection to the concept of urbanity and metropolitan life, emphasizing its role in describing the characteristics, culture, and lifestyle associated with city living.

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Further usage examples of urban

1. Urban decay can result from neglect and economic decline.
2. Urban dwellers enjoy easy access to diverse dining options.
3. Urban parks provide green spaces for relaxation.
4. Urban living fosters a sense of community and connection.
5. Urban renewal projects aim to revitalize declining neighborhoods.
6. Urban growth can strain infrastructure and resources.
7. Urban youth often face unique challenges and opportunities.
8. Urban development can displace vulnerable populations.
9. Urban centers are hubs of economic and cultural activity.
10. Urban density can lead to noise pollution in some areas.
11. Urban design emphasizes efficient land use and accessibility.
12. Urban art scenes thrive in vibrant city environments.
13. Urbanization trends continue to shape our world.
14. Urban exploration reveals hidden corners of the city.
15. Urban transportation systems aim for sustainability.
16. Urban life offers a dynamic blend of cultures.
17. Urban planners seek solutions for affordable housing.
18. Urban sprawl impacts natural habitats and open spaces.
19. Urban nightlife draws crowds seeking entertainment.



metropolitan, rural, pastoral, bucolic


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