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How to pronounce utilize (audio)


Monster Trucks in Space

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Dictionary definition of utilize

To use or employ something effectively for a specific purpose.
"The company decided to utilize advanced technology to streamline its operations."

Detailed meaning of utilize

It implies making practical use of an object, resource, or skill to achieve a desired outcome or to maximize its potential value. When someone utilizes something, they harness its capabilities and make the most of its functionality, often with the intention of enhancing efficiency, productivity, or effectiveness. The term 'utilize' emphasizes the intentional and purposeful nature of using something, highlighting the active and strategic choice to employ a particular tool or method. It implies a deliberate decision to leverage available resources in a manner that optimizes their usefulness and contributes to the accomplishment of a goal or objective. Overall, 'utilize' signifies the intentional and effective utilization of something to bring about desired results.

Example sentences containing utilize

1. Architects utilize light to create spaces that breathe and inspire awe.
2. Farmers utilize drones to monitor crops and enhance yield precision.
3. We can utilize solar power to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
4. Students utilize technology to aid learning and broaden horizons.
5. Chefs utilize local ingredients to craft unique, flavorful dishes.
6. Nations utilize diplomacy to foster peace and global unity.

History and etymology of utilize

The verb 'utilize,' derived from the root word 'utilis,' has its origins in Latin. It traces its etymology back to the Latin word 'uti,' which means 'to use.' Over time, 'utilize' has evolved to convey the idea of using or employing something effectively for a specific purpose. This transformation of meaning reflects the natural evolution of language as words adapt and expand their usage within different contexts and cultures.

Quiz: Find the meaning of utilize

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Further usage examples of utilize

1. Engineers utilize innovation to solve complex, pressing issues.
2. Artists utilize color to convey emotion and ignite imagination.
3. Companies utilize data to tailor experiences and boost engagement.
4. Scientists utilize research to push boundaries and ignite discovery.
5. Cities utilize parks to offer residents rest and rejuvenation.
6. She had to utilize her problem-solving skills to complete the puzzle.
7. Before you utilize that tool, please read the safety instructions.
8. In this recipe, we utilize a mix of exotic spices to enhance the flavor.
9. Artists often utilize their emotions to create meaningful pieces.
10. Architects utilize software to design and visualize their ideas.
11. To fix this issue, we might have to utilize a more advanced technique.
12. In marketing, they utilize psychological principles to influence consumer behavior.
13. I am not sure how to utilize this feature on my new phone.
14. In this game, you have to utilize both strategy and luck.
15. To improve your fitness, utilize the gym facilities regularly.
16. We could utilize the leftover materials for the art project.
17. Children utilize play as a means of understanding the world around them.
18. You can utilize this map to find your way around the city.
19. We'll have to utilize the backup system if the power goes out.
20. Farmers utilize the rains to grow their crops.
21. Before you utilize this equipment, you need to be trained.
22. Students utilize online resources for research and learning.
23. To stay hydrated, utilize the water stations placed throughout the park.
24. The company will utilize the feedback from customers to improve its products.



employ, discard, ignore, waste


SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Consumption and Utilization, High School 9

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