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How to pronounce validate (audio)

Dictionary definition of validate

To prove, make valid, confirm or verify the accuracy or truth of something.
"The results of the experiment were used to validate the theory."

Detailed meaning of validate

In a scientific context, validation refers to the process of testing a hypothesis or a theory to see if it can be supported by evidence. For example, a new medication may be validated through clinical trials to ensure it is safe and effective. In a psychological context, validation refers to the act of acknowledging and accepting someone's feelings or experiences. This can help to build trust and positive communication. In a technical context, validation refers to the process of checking that data or inputs meet specific requirements or constraints, such as checking that an email address is in the correct format or that a password meets certain security standards.

Example sentences containing validate

1. Please validate your parking ticket at the reception desk.
2. The laboratory tests will validate the effectiveness of the new drug.
3. The judge will validate the authenticity of the evidence presented in court.
4. The professor asked the students to validate their arguments with credible sources.
5. The bank will validate your identity before processing the transaction.
6. The customer service representative will validate your warranty claim.

History and etymology of validate

The verb 'validate' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'validus,' which means 'strong' or 'effective.' In the process of etymological development, it acquired the suffix '-ate,' which is often used to form verbs from adjectives in English. Therefore, when we delve into the etymology of 'validate,' we uncover its essence as an action that imparts strength or validity to something. It denotes the act of confirming or verifying the accuracy, truth, or legitimacy of a concept, idea, or statement, making it robust and effective. This word's origins in the concept of strength emphasize the importance of substantiating or proving the worthiness and authenticity of something, thereby lending it validity.

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Further usage examples of validate

1. The software engineer needs to validate the code before deploying it.
2. The survey results will help validate the hypothesis of the research study.
3. The expert panel will validate the findings of the scientific experiment.
4. The supervisor will validate the time sheets before processing payroll.
5. The mechanic will validate the warranty on your car repairs.
6. The immigration officer will validate your passport at the border.
7. The doctor will validate your medical insurance coverage before the appointment.
8. The auditor will validate the financial records to ensure accuracy.
9. The technician will validate the functionality of the newly installed equipment.
10. The moderator will validate the comments before they are posted on the forum.
11. The system administrator will validate the user credentials for access to the network.
12. The quality control team will validate the compliance of the product with industry standards.
13. The researcher will validate the results through additional experiments.
14. The ticketing agent will validate your ticket before allowing you to enter the event.



confirm, disprove, invalidate, refute


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