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How to pronounce verbatim (audio)


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Dictionary definition of verbatim

Word-for-word or exactly as it was originally spoken or written.
"He repeated the quote verbatim from the book."


Detailed meaning of verbatim

It is often used to describe a transcript, quote, or retelling of something that is identical to the original, without any changes, omissions, or additions. When something is described as verbatim, it means that it is a true and accurate representation of the original. It is commonly used to express the idea of being faithful to the original text or discourse, in terms of language, grammar, and meaning. This word is often used to describe a quotation, a testimony, a record, or a report that is an exact reproduction of the original. In some cases, verbatim can also be used to describe a situation in which one person repeats another person's words or actions, in the same way, and context.

Example sentences containing verbatim

1. The court reporter transcribed the testimony verbatim.
2. The journalist quoted the interviewees verbatim in the article.
3. We need to follow the instructions on the label verbatim.
4. The professor asked us to recite the poem verbatim.
5. He typed the letter from the handwritten note verbatim.
6. The contract stipulates that changes must be made verbatim.

History and etymology of verbatim

The adverb 'verbatim' is derived from Latin, specifically from the phrase 'verbum ad verbum,' which means 'word for word.' It originates from 'verbum,' meaning 'word,' and 'ad,' meaning 'to' or 'toward.' 'Verbatim' thus precisely captures the essence of representing something exactly as it was originally spoken or written, without any deviation or interpretation. Over time, this Latin phrase was incorporated into English as 'verbatim,' maintaining its connection to a meticulous reproduction of language. The etymology of 'verbatim' emphasizes its role in ensuring faithful reproduction of text or speech, highlighting its importance in preserving the precise wording of the original source.

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Further usage examples of verbatim

1. The translator insisted on a verbatim rendition.
2. She repeated the foreign phrase verbatim.
3. The historian cited the ancient text verbatim.
4. The legal document must be reproduced verbatim.
5. The minutes were recorded verbatim during the meeting.
6. I can recite his speech verbatim.
7. He transcribed the recorded conversation verbatim.
8. The instructions should be followed verbatim.
9. The novel was translated verbatim into multiple languages.
10. The testimony was delivered verbatim in court.
11. Please copy the email verbatim for reference.
12. The document was duplicated verbatim for all parties.
13. The speech was memorized and delivered verbatim.
14. The reporter recounted the story verbatim on the news.
15. She recorded the conversation verbatim for her research.
16. The company's press release was verbatim from the statement of CEO.
17. He transcribed the interview verbatim for accuracy.
18. She read the script verbatim for the audition.
19. The group performed the song verbatim from the original recording.
20. He reproduced the painting verbatim from the photograph.
21. She quoted the speech verbatim in her article.
22. The politician repeated the campaign promises verbatim during the debate.
23. He recited the poem verbatim from memory.
24. She repeated the instructions verbatim for the students.
25. The company's manual was verbatim from the previous version.
26. The despot's speeches are regularly reproduced verbatim in the state-run newspapers.



exact, paraphrased, altered, summarized


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