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How to pronounce verity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of verity

A statement, fact, or principle that is universally accepted as true and is often regarded as a fundamental truth or reality.
"The verity of life's impermanence is a recurring theme in religious texts."

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Detailed meaning of verity

Verities are enduring and self-evident, standing as unwavering principles or axioms that form the basis of knowledge or belief in a particular field or context. They are not subject to dispute or debate because they are widely recognized as irrefutable and essential to a particular domain of thought or understanding. Verities can encompass scientific laws, moral principles, philosophical truths, or commonly accepted facts that serve as foundational elements of human knowledge and thought, providing a framework for understanding and interpreting the world. In essence, a verity is a universally acknowledged and indisputable truth.

Example sentences containing verity

1. The verity of gravity's existence is undeniable; it keeps us anchored to the Earth.
2. In philosophy, seeking the verity of existence has been a centuries-old quest.
3. The verity of kindness being a virtue transcends cultural boundaries.
4. History reveals the verity that empires rise and fall over time.
5. The verity of mathematics provides the foundation for countless scientific discoveries.
6. Philosophers debate the verity of free will versus determinism.

History and etymology of verity

The noun 'verity' has a rich etymology originating from Latin. It stems from the Latin word 'veritas,' which translates to 'truth' or 'reality.' In its evolution, 'veritas' has given rise to various English words related to truth and authenticity. 'Verity' itself embodies the concept of a statement, fact, or principle that is universally accepted as true, often regarded as a fundamental truth or reality. When we delve into the etymology of 'verity,' we uncover its essence as a term firmly rooted in the notion of truth, reflecting a fundamental and universally acknowledged reality. It is a word that carries a sense of undeniable and established truth, shaped by its Latin origins in the concept of 'veritas.'

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Further usage examples of verity

1. In literature, the verity of human nature often serves as a central theme.
2. The verity of a smile's universal appeal is apparent in every culture.
3. Discovering the verity of one's purpose can be a lifelong journey.
4. The verity of technological advancements has revolutionized our way of life.
5. In art, the verity of emotion often shines through the canvas.
6. The verity of compassion fosters empathy and understanding among people.
7. The verity of history's lessons should guide our decisions for the future.
8. Scientists are committed to uncovering the verity behind the mysteries of the universe.
9. The verity of human potential is boundless when nurtured and supported.
10. Philosophers have contemplated the verity of the soul's existence for centuries.
11. In the courtroom, the pursuit of verity is central to justice.
12. The verity of love's enduring power is celebrated in countless songs and poems.
13. The verity of "water boils at 100 degrees Celsius" is fundamental in science.
14. The verity of human rights should be upheld worldwide.
15. Philosophers seek the verity of existence and reality.
16. In literature, the verity of love's power is a common theme.
17. Scientists strive to uncover the verity behind natural phenomena.
18. The verity that honesty is the best policy remains valid.
19. The verity of the Earth's round shape was confirmed by exploration.
20. The verity of human mortality shapes our existence.
21. The verity of time's passage is evident in aging.
22. The verity of supply and demand guides economic theory.
23. In religion, the verity of divine existence is a central belief.
24. Discovering the verity of the cosmos is a goal of astrophysics.



truth, falsehood, lie, fabrication


Accuracy and Precision, Certainty and Conviction, Truth and Honesty

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