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How to pronounce versatile (audio)

Dictionary definition of versatile

Displaying a wide range of abilities, skills, or applications across various contexts.
"The versatile fabric could be used for a variety of garments."

Detailed meaning of versatile

It can be used to describe a person who has a wide range of skills, abilities or talents and is able to apply them in different settings or situations. It can also be used to describe a thing that has multiple uses or is able to perform well in different environments. Versatility is often seen as a valuable trait in people, as it allows them to be flexible and adaptable in their careers or personal lives. In the case of things, it can be used to describe a product that has multiple functions and can be used in various ways. Overall, versatile is a term that is often used to convey the idea of flexibility, adaptability and multi-functionality.

Example sentences containing versatile

1. She is a versatile actress who can convincingly portray a wide range of characters.
2. The versatile tool can be used for various tasks, from cutting to sanding.
3. He is a versatile musician who can play multiple instruments with equal proficiency.
4. The versatile athlete excels in both sprinting and long-distance running.
5. The versatile dress can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for an evening event.
6. The versatile chef can prepare dishes from different cuisines with ease.

History and etymology of versatile

The adjective 'versatile' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'versatilis,' derived from 'versare,' which means 'to turn' or 'to handle.' 'Versatile' describes individuals or things that display a wide range of abilities, skills, or applications across various contexts, much like being capable of turning or handling different tasks or situations with ease. The term embodies the concept of adaptability and multifunctionality, emphasizing the capacity to excel in diverse roles or fields. 'Versatile' is often used to characterize individuals who can proficiently engage in various activities or adapt to changing circumstances. It reflects the human capacity for flexibility and versatility, acknowledging the value of being adaptable and well-rounded in a dynamic and multifaceted world.

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Further usage examples of versatile

1. He is a versatile writer who can write engaging articles, novels, and poetry.
2. The versatile smartphone comes with a range of features to meet different user needs.
3. She is a versatile dancer, skilled in ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop.
4. The versatile actor effortlessly switches between comedic and dramatic roles.
5. The versatile fabric is both durable and comfortable, making it suitable for various applications.
6. The versatile artist works with different mediums, including paint, clay, and digital art.
7. The versatile kitchen gadget can chop, slice, and grate ingredients in seconds.
8. He is a versatile athlete, excelling in basketball, soccer, and swimming.
9. The versatile backpack can be converted into a shoulder bag or carried as a tote.
10. The versatile musician can play jazz, rock, and classical music with equal mastery.
11. She is a versatile fashion designer, creating clothing for both casual and formal occasions.
12. The versatile actor effortlessly transitions between comedy and tragedy on the stage.
13. The versatile software program can be customized to meet specific user requirements.
14. The versatile car is designed to navigate both city streets and rough terrain.



adaptable, inflexible, limited, restricted


Control and Discipline, Synchronization and Strategize, Creativity and Originality, Middle School 6, Adaptability and Resilience

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