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How to pronounce vexatious (audio)


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Dictionary definition of vexatious

Annoying, frustrating, or causing distress, often because of its repetitive, bothersome, or troublesome nature.
"The vexatious conduct of the neighbor made it difficult for the residents to live in peace."


Detailed meaning of vexatious

When a situation, behavior, or individual is labeled as vexatious, it implies that they provoke irritation, annoyance, or agitation, sometimes intentionally or persistently. Vexatious matters can include trivial or petty issues that continuously trouble someone, as well as more significant problems that are causing ongoing distress. This term underscores the capacity of certain things or actions to test one's patience or provoke negative emotions, highlighting their tendency to be a source of persistent frustration or discomfort.

Example sentences containing vexatious

1. He was known for his vexatious behaviour at family gatherings.
2. The vexatious noise from the construction site interrupted our peaceful afternoon.
3. Her vexatious comments during the meeting only served to provoke the team.
4. The crow's vexatious cawing continued through the early morning.
5. It was a vexatious situation, full of small yet irritating complications.
6. He found the bureaucratic process quite vexatious.

History and etymology of vexatious

The adjective 'vexatious' has a fascinating etymology rooted in the Latin word 'vexare,' which meant 'to agitate' or 'to annoy.' In Latin, 'vexare' was associated with the idea of repeatedly troubling or disturbing someone. Over time, this concept evolved into the adjective 'vexatious' in English, describing something as annoying, frustrating, or causing distress, often because of its repetitive, bothersome, or troublesome nature. The etymology of 'vexatious' captures the essence of persistent annoyance or agitation, reflecting the enduring nature of things that can be vexing and the linguistic evolution that allows us to express such nuanced forms of irritation and frustration.

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Further usage examples of vexatious

1. The vexatious drone of the fan kept him awake all night.
2. His vexatious tactics were meant to distract us from the real issue.
3. She had a vexatious habit of interrupting people mid-sentence.
4. The dog's vexatious barking was disturbing the entire neighbourhood.
5. The vexatious demands of his boss had him working overtime every day.
6. The garden was overgrown with vexatious weeds that were hard to eliminate.
7. She sent me a vexatious email filled with petty complaints.
8. The vexatious law suit was intended to harass and intimidate him.
9. His vexatious arguments never failed to incite conflict in the team.
10. The mosquitoes during the camping trip were vexatious to say the least.
11. He has a vexatious way of twisting words to suit his narrative.
12. Her vexatious attitude was a cause of discomfort for many.
13. I found his refusal to listen to my point of view quite vexatious.
14. The vexatious question left him feeling frustrated and exasperated.



irritating, pleasing, enjoyable, delightful


SAT 5 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 6, Problematic and Annoying



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