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How to pronounce viaduct (audio)


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Dictionary definition of viaduct

A type of bridge that is typically built to span over a valley, a gorge, a river, or any other type of terrain that is difficult to cross.
"The railway line runs over a tall viaduct in the valley."


Detailed meaning of viaduct

A viaduct is It consists of a series of arches or spans that are supported by piers or columns, and it is designed to carry a road, a railway, or a pedestrian pathway over the obstacle below. Viaducts can vary in size and complexity, from small structures that are just a few meters long, to massive constructions that stretch for kilometers and have dozens of arches. They are often used in urban areas where there is limited space for roads or railways, and they are a common sight in many cities around the world. Viaducts are important engineering feats that require careful planning and design to ensure their stability and safety.

Example sentences containing viaduct

1. The massive stone viaduct stretched across the deep canyon.
2. Trains rumbled over the viaduct, high above the city streets.
3. The viaduct's arches created an impressive silhouette against the sky.
4. Engineers designed the viaduct to withstand seismic activity.
5. A modern viaduct facilitated smoother traffic flow through the city.
6. The viaduct's intricate steel structure was a marvel of engineering.

History and etymology of viaduct

The noun 'viaduct' has its origins in Latin, where 'via' means 'road' or 'way,' and 'ductus' means 'carried' or 'led.' In essence, 'viaduct' denotes a structure that carries or leads a road or way over challenging terrain. This term was adopted into Middle French as 'via ducte' and later into English as 'viaduct.' Viaducts are often used to span over valleys, gorges, rivers, or other difficult-to-cross terrains, serving as a crucial element of transportation infrastructure. The etymology of 'viaduct' underscores its role as a bridge specifically designed to facilitate the passage of roads or railways over natural obstacles, emphasizing the integration of transportation networks with the landscape.

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Further usage examples of viaduct

1. The old viaduct offered breathtaking views of the river below.
2. The viaduct's construction required extensive planning and resources.
3. Hikers marveled at the engineering feat of the mountain viaduct.
4. The viaduct was a key transportation link for the region.
5. A river flowed peacefully beneath the towering viaduct.
6. The historic viaduct had stood the test of time for over a century.
7. A commuter train clattered across the viaduct during rush hour.
8. The viaduct provided a scenic route for cyclists and pedestrians.
9. The viaduct's elegant design blended seamlessly with the landscape.
10. Engineers reinforced the viaduct to ensure its long-term stability.
11. The viaduct offered a shortcut for travelers through the steep terrain.
12. A viaduct of stone and iron spanned the wide gorge.
13. The viaduct's construction employed skilled laborers from the region.
14. A picturesque viaduct served as a popular spot for photographers.
15. The viaduct spans over the river and connects two towns.
16. The new viaduct is expected to ease traffic congestion in the city.
17. The old viaduct was demolished and replaced with a modern one.
18. The architect designed a beautiful viaduct that blends in with the landscape.
19. The viaduct was built in the 19th century and still stands strong today.
20. The construction of the viaduct required skilled engineers and workers.
21. The viaduct offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
22. The train slowed down as it crossed the viaduct.
23. The viaduct was closed for repairs after a storm damaged one of the spans.
24. The viaduct is an important transportation link between two regions.
25. The viaduct's arches create a striking silhouette against the sky.



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