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imaginative, practical, unimaginative, shortsighted


Advancement and Improvement, Aspiration and Ambition, Inventive and Inspired



How to pronounce visionary (audio)


Dictionary definition of visionary

Characterized by having an imaginative and forward-thinking approach to ideas, concepts, or plans.
"The company's visionary CEO introduced groundbreaking technologies that revolutionized the industry."

Detailed meaning of visionary

A visionary individual possesses the ability to think beyond conventional boundaries and envision innovative possibilities for the future. They have a keen insight into emerging trends, anticipate changes, and conceptualize groundbreaking solutions. A visionary leader, for example, possesses a clear and compelling vision for their organization or society, inspiring others to follow their path and work towards achieving transformative goals. Visionary ideas or projects often challenge existing norms and push the boundaries of what is considered possible. They reflect a deep sense of imagination, creativity, and a commitment to shaping a better future through their innovative and progressive thinking.

Example sentences containing visionary

1. She had a visionary idea for a sustainable city that would prioritize renewable energy and eco-friendly practices.
2. The artist's visionary paintings transported viewers to imaginary realms filled with vibrant colors and fantastical creatures.
3. The visionary architect designed buildings that merged modern aesthetics with sustainable design principles.
4. His visionary approach to education emphasized personalized learning and integrating technology into classrooms.
5. The visionary scientist proposed a bold theory that challenged long-held beliefs in the scientific community.
6. The visionary entrepreneur envisioned a world where everyone had access to clean water and developed innovative filtration systems to achieve it.

History and etymology of visionary

The adjective 'visionary' is rooted in the word 'vision,' which originates from the Latin term 'visio,' meaning 'sight' or 'act of seeing.' A 'visionary' person is characterized by having an imaginative and forward-thinking approach to ideas, concepts, or plans, often driven by a vivid and innovative vision of the future. The term emphasizes the capacity to see possibilities and opportunities beyond the current state of affairs. 'Visionary' individuals are known for their ability to dream big, envision unconventional solutions, and propel innovation. The etymology of 'visionary' underscores the link between the power of sight, imagination, and the ability to conceive of a better or different future.

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Further usage examples of visionary

1. The organization's visionary mission aimed to eradicate poverty by implementing comprehensive social and economic reforms.
2. The visionary writer crafted captivating stories that explored futuristic societies and technological advancements.
3. His visionary leadership inspired a team of dedicated individuals to work towards a common goal of global environmental conservation.
4. The company's visionary product design team created user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that set new industry standards.
5. The politician's visionary policies focused on promoting social equality and fostering inclusive economic growth.
6. Steve Jobs was a visionary leader in the tech industry.
7. Her visionary designs revolutionized fashion.
8. The city's visionary mayor transformed its infrastructure.
9. The company's success is attributed to its visionary CEO.
10. A visionary artist can inspire generations.
11. Elon Musk is known for his visionary approach to space travel.
12. The architect's visionary concept reshaped the skyline.
13. A visionary scientist can make groundbreaking discoveries.
14. The organization's growth is due to its visionary strategy.
15. A visionary writer can create captivating worlds.
16. The startup's visionary founders had a bold idea.
17. The inventor's visionary invention changed lives.
18. The director's visionary film received critical acclaim.
19. A visionary leader inspires innovation in a team.
20. The teacher had a visionary approach to education.
21. A visionary chef creates unique culinary experiences.
22. The visionary entrepreneur disrupted the industry.
23. A visionary musician can redefine a genre.
24. The visionary plan revitalized the neighborhood.
25. A visionary leader can shape the course of history.

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