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greediness, satisfaction, fullness, satiety


SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Passion and Pulchritude, High School 8



How to pronounce voracity (audio)


Dictionary definition of voracity

An intense and insatiable hunger or desire for something, typically related to food, knowledge, or experiences.
"She attacked the buffet with a voracity that surprised everyone."

Detailed meaning of voracity

It embodies a state of extreme eagerness or greed, where one consumes or seeks to consume in large quantities. This term is often associated with a voracious appetite, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, or an insatiable craving for new adventures. Voracity suggests a strong and relentless drive that compels individuals to consume or pursue their desires with great intensity and enthusiasm. Whether it is a voracity for delicious cuisine, voracity for learning, or voracity for life's pleasures, the word conveys an overwhelming passion that propels individuals to indulge themselves fully in their pursuits.

Example sentences containing voracity

1. His voracity for knowledge was insatiable.
2. The voracity of the fire consumed the entire forest in hours.
3. The young prodigy's voracity for learning was evident in his long hours at the library.
4. They were astounded by the voracity with which the termites devoured the wood.
5. Her voracity for travel took her to over fifty countries.
6. The investor's voracity for risk led him to make bold choices.

History and etymology of voracity

The noun 'voracity' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'vorax,' which means 'greedy' or 'devouring,' and 'vorare,' which means 'to devour' or 'to swallow up.' In Latin, 'voracity' was used to describe an intense and insatiable hunger or desire for something, whether it be food, knowledge, or experiences. Over time, the term 'voracity' was adopted into English and continues to convey the idea of an extreme and unquenchable appetite or desire for something, often to the point of excess. Whether applied to a voracious reader, a voracious eater, or someone with a voracious appetite for adventure, the term 'voracity' emphasizes the intensity and insatiability of the desire or hunger involved. The etymology of 'voracity' underscores its historical association with consuming or devouring, both literally and metaphorically.

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Further usage examples of voracity

1. The team showed a voracity for victory, pushing themselves to the limit.
2. His voracity for collecting antique items filled his house to the brim.
3. The voracity of her reading habits made her an expert in classic literature.
4. The lion's voracity was evident as it brought down the wildebeest.
5. The government was concerned about the voracity of the spreading epidemic.
6. The voracity of his appetite was legendary among his friends.
7. The forest’s voracity for reclaiming the land was evident as vines and trees swallowed the abandoned building.
8. Her voracity for justice fueled her career as a human rights lawyer.
9. The voracity with which he practiced the piano made him a virtuoso by age twelve.
10. The audience was impressed by the actor's voracity in portraying the character.
11. The voracity of the wind during the storm tore the roof off the house.
12. His voracity for adventure led him to explore uncharted islands.
13. The voracity of the rumor mill in small towns can sometimes be astonishing.
14. His voracity for knowledge drove him to read countless books.
15. The voracity with which he devoured the pizza was impressive.
16. Her voracity for adventure led her to travel the world.
17. The voracity of the fans' support for the team was unmatched.
18. The voracity of his appetite knew no bounds at the buffet.
19. The voracity for success pushed him to work tirelessly.
20. He tackled the challenge with voracity, determined to overcome it.
21. Her voracity for learning new languages amazed her peers.
22. The voracity for change spurred the community to take action.
23. Their voracity for power led to political conflicts.
24. The voracity of his passion for music was evident in every note he played.

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