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How to pronounce waspish (audio)


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Dictionary definition of waspish

Irritable, short-tempered, or prone to making cutting or biting remarks.
"She unleashed a waspish retort in response to the criticism."

Detailed meaning of waspish

The term is often used to describe a person who is easily angered or has a tendency to lash out at others with sharp or biting words. It is often used to describe someone who is quick to take offense or who is easily annoyed. The term can also be used to describe a person's behavior or attitude, such as a waspish remark or a waspish tone of voice. This term comes from the word "wasp" which is an insect known for its painful sting and aggressive behavior. Thus, a person who is waspish is someone who is similarly aggressive and ready to sting.

Example sentences containing waspish

1. Her waspish comments during the meeting offended several attendees.
2. He became waspish when his plans were disrupted.
3. The critic's waspish review didn't sit well with the artist.
4. His waspish demeanor made it difficult to have a civil conversation.
5. She turned waspish when her suggestions were dismissed.
6. His waspish sense of humor often caught people off guard.

History and etymology of waspish

The adjective 'waspish' draws its etymology from the likeness between a person's irritable and irascible temperament and the behavior of wasps, which are known for their aggressive and stinging nature. It is a figurative extension of the term 'wasp,' referring to the stinging insect. 'Waspish' describes someone who is irritable, short-tempered, or prone to making cutting or biting remarks, often evoking the sense of someone who can be as sharp and aggressive in their behavior as a wasp's sting. The term 'waspish' emphasizes the irritable and sometimes hostile disposition of an individual, highlighting their tendency to react with sharpness and venom in their interactions with others.

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Further usage examples of waspish

1. The boss's waspish mood put everyone on edge.
2. Their waspish exchanges escalated into a heated argument.
3. The waspish email response shocked her colleagues.
4. He remained waspish even after the issue was resolved.
5. A waspish attitude can strain relationships in the workplace.
6. Her waspish remarks made the atmosphere in the room tense.
7. He adopted a waspish tone when discussing his political rival.
8. The waspish critique of the movie left some audience members offended.
9. Despite his usual friendly demeanor, he could be quite waspish when provoked.
10. Her waspish sense of humor was an acquired taste.
11. The waspish exchange between the two colleagues escalated into a heated argument.
12. The critic's waspish review tore apart the author's latest book.
13. His waspish comments often undermined the team's morale.
14. The comedian's waspish wit left the audience in stitches.
15. The waspish response to the suggestion surprised everyone in the meeting.
16. Despite her waspish reputation, she could be quite charming when she wanted to be.
17. The waspish banter between the siblings was a regular occurrence.
18. The waspish columnist spared no one in her scathing commentary.
19. His waspish sense of fashion raised eyebrows at the formal event.
20. The waspish remarks from the disgruntled customer were difficult to ignore.
21. The waspish teacher had a reputation for being strict but fair.
22. The waspish humor in the play appealed to a niche audience.
23. The waspish remarks from the opposing team only fueled their determination to win.
24. The waspish exchange between the neighbors escalated into a neighborhood feud.



snappish, genial, amiable, pleasant


Suffix -ish, GRE 9 (Graduate Record Examination), Frustration and Exasperation, Complaint and Discontent, Disenchantment and Discontent

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