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How to pronounce welcoming (audio)

Dictionary definition of welcoming

Inviting, friendly, and open to receiving others with warmth and hospitality.
"The kind and welcoming gestures of the locals left a lasting impression on the tourists."

Detailed meaning of welcoming

When something is described as welcoming, it implies a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and a genuine desire to make others feel comfortable and valued. A welcoming environment often exudes a positive and inviting energy, making individuals feel at ease and appreciated. This adjective can apply to various contexts, such as a welcoming home, a welcoming community, or a welcoming smile. It suggests an attitude of openness, approachability, and a willingness to embrace others. Being welcoming involves creating a safe and inviting space that encourages connection, interaction, and a sense of belonging. It signifies an inclusive and hospitable nature that extends warmth and friendliness to those who encounter it.

Example sentences containing welcoming

1. The cozy living room with its soft lighting and comfortable furniture felt incredibly welcoming.
2. The warm and welcoming smile of the host instantly put the guests at ease.
3. The hotel staff provided a welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel like valued visitors.
4. The vibrant and colorful decorations created a visually welcoming ambiance.
5. The inviting aroma of freshly baked cookies wafted from the kitchen, filling the house with a welcoming scent.
6. The open arms and cheerful greetings of the community members made the newcomer feel immediately welcomed.

History and etymology of welcoming

The adjective 'welcoming' is derived from the verb 'welcome,' which in turn comes from the Old English word 'wilcuma,' where 'wil' means pleasing or agreeable, and 'cuma' means comer or guest. This word has its roots in the idea of extending a warm and hospitable greeting to those who arrive. 'Welcoming' embodies the quality of being inviting, friendly, and open to receiving others with warmth and hospitality. It conveys a sense of open-armed acceptance, making individuals feel comfortable and valued in a particular environment or by a particular person. As a result, 'welcoming' remains a key term in discussions of hospitality, inclusivity, and creating an inviting atmosphere.

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Further usage examples of welcoming

1. The cozy bed and breakfast had a welcoming vibe that made guests feel right at home.
2. The inviting patio with its comfortable seating and lush greenery provided a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.
3. The organization's mission was to create a safe and welcoming space for individuals from all backgrounds.
4. The restaurant's friendly staff and warm ambiance contributed to its reputation as a welcoming establishment.
5. The school's orientation program was designed to help new students feel welcomed and integrated into the campus community.
6. The cozy cafe has a welcoming atmosphere.
7. Their smiles were warm and welcoming.
8. The park's green spaces are inviting and welcoming.
9. The open door was a welcoming sight.
10. Her speech had a warm and welcoming tone.
11. The community center is known for its welcoming staff.
12. The host extended a welcoming hand to the guests.
13. Their home is always so welcoming and comfortable.
14. The town's people are friendly and welcoming.
15. The store's bright colors create a welcoming vibe.
16. The hotel staff provided a welcoming reception.
17. The school promotes a welcoming learning environment.
18. The restaurant's decor is warm and welcoming.
19. Their garden is a welcoming oasis of peace.
20. A welcoming smile can brighten someone's day.
21. The new neighbors were incredibly welcoming.
22. The church's congregation is warm and welcoming.
23. The library's cozy reading nooks are very welcoming.
24. The company culture is inclusive and welcoming.
25. The festival had a welcoming atmosphere for all.



hospitable, unfriendly, inhospitable, cold


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