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How to pronounce whimsical (audio)

Dictionary definition of whimsical

Fanciful, playful, and characterized by an element of capricious or unpredictable charm.
"The artist's work was known for its whimsical, imaginative style."

Detailed meaning of whimsical

When something is characterized as whimsical, it implies a sense of imaginative creativity and spontaneity, often featuring unusual or unconventional ideas, designs, or behaviors that delight and surprise. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a whimsical piece of art that evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity, a whimsical story filled with fantastical characters and events, or a whimsical person whose behavior is marked by a delightful quirkiness and a free-spirited approach to life. "Whimsical" underscores the idea of something being imaginative and entertaining in an unpredictable and delightful way, often sparking joy and a sense of childlike wonder.

Example sentences containing whimsical

1. She's a fully grown woman with a child-like voice and an odd whimsical sense of humour.
2. Despite having a whimsical manner, she is a very perceptive judge of character.
3. Most of her writing was completely superflous and had a whimsical quality to it.
4. His whimsical painting style was in-keeping with the modern-art tosh we have become accustomed to.
5. She's a whimsical young woman who never seems to stick with anything in life.
6. She's a whimsical lady who doesn't appear to have a firm grip of reality.

History and etymology of whimsical

The adjective 'whimsical' traces its origins to the word 'whim,' which initially referred to a sudden or capricious notion or fancy. 'Whim' is thought to have evolved from the 17th-century English word 'whim-wham,' signifying something quaint or fanciful. Over time, 'whimsical' emerged to describe things characterized by a playful, fanciful, and often unpredictable charm. This word's etymology reflects its association with fleeting, imaginative, and occasionally eccentric ideas or behaviors. 'Whimsical' captures the essence of creativity and spontaneity, suggesting an element of delightful quirkiness or whimsy that adds a touch of magic to the world.

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Further usage examples of whimsical

1. The garden was filled with whimsical sculptures and decorations.
2. She had a whimsical sense of humor and always knew how to make people laugh.
3. The party had a whimsical theme, with guests dressed as their favorite fairy tale characters.
4. The wind chimes hanging in the trees added a whimsical touch to the garden.
5. The little girl was full of whimsy, always making up stories and games to play.
6. The design of the building was whimsical, with odd angles and unexpected features.
7. He had a whimsical way of looking at the world, finding joy in the small things.
8. The restaurant had a whimsical atmosphere, with colorful decor and playful menu items.
9. The movie was a whimsical tale of adventure and magic.
10. He is a timid man who dresses like a pixie and has a strange whimsical manner about him.
11. The musician's concerts were known for their whimsical stage sets and costumes.
12. The fashion designer's collections often had a whimsical, romantic aesthetic.
13. Her whimsical art always brings a smile to my face.
14. The garden was filled with whimsical sculptures.
15. The children's book was full of whimsical characters.
16. His whimsical sense of humor brightened the room.
17. The movie had a whimsical, dreamlike quality.
18. The restaurant's décor was delightfully whimsical.
19. She wore a whimsical dress covered in polka dots.
20. The carnival featured whimsical rides and games.
21. The music had a whimsical, playful melody.
22. The architect designed a whimsical, colorful house.
23. His whimsical storytelling captivated the audience.
24. The cat's antics were always whimsical and entertaining.



capricious, predictable, consistent, steady


SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 12, Comedy and Silliness

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